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Welcome Mama!

Martina Zand - helping moms get their en

I am so excited you are here! Being here means you are tired of feeling tired.


I get it. As a mom of a 5-year old I have a million jobs - emotional support, therapist, playmate, babysitter, jungle gym, chef, budget keeper, etc. And this is all on the side of what I am doing here: helping you get your energy back so you don't just drag yourself through motherhood hooked on a coffee IV and with brain fog as your constant companion. I want to help you thrive with simple changes in how you nourish your body, how you move it, and how you take care of yourself.


After all, on the plane you are asked to put your mask on before helping someone else. And I am asking you to do the same in motherhood. Only when your batteries are recharged can you be the best mother you know you want to be.


So come and join me on this crazy journey... 

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Mindful movement to have more energy by
Doable lifestyle tips to recharge your b
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