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I am so excited you're here! It means you are tired of fitness fads and diet trends. It means you want to learn how to run with fresh air in your lungs, rather than run yourself into the ground. And it means you want to find your own way of living a healthier life - whatever that may mean to you. Thank you for trusting me. I can't wait to give you science based health tips and tricks, wildly delicious recipes completely free of chemical additives, and a way to move your body in alignment to keep you fit and injury free longterm. Take what looks interesting to you, leave what doesn't, and make it all your own... because no one knows your body better than you do. Let's get started! 

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These pages are all dedicated to you, and your struggles around food, exercise, and body image. So please drop me a line or comment on any of my blog posts or on my social media to let me know what you are thinking, and what you would like to see more of. Maybe you have specific questions around you own health that you need help with? Or maybe you need some tips on how to make it out of the fast food drive through lane and into your kitchen? I am here for you every step of the way! 

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