Turmeric coconut latte

Honestly, there are many different versions of a turmeric latte out there. But to me a turmeric latte is only amazing if it is made with creamy coconut milk (preferably my own homemade one, which I just can't get enough of!). The perfect balance of bitter turmeric, sweet honey, creamy coconut milk and oil, and pungent black pepper is the secret key here. Give it a try, I know you will love it! Why should you add turmeric to your milk? Isn't it an ingredient best left for Indian curries? Just trust me on this one, turmeric is so versatile, it will go wonderfully well with the sweetness of the honey. Turmeric is such a powerful herb from the ginger family, it has been studied widely to be used

Special Christmas surprise

Winter time is here and with the cold it gets hard to get out of bed in the morning. My worst nightmare is bare feet on icy cold bathroom tiles; it's a shock to the system and immediately wakes me up, even though it's still dark outside and the bed keeps calling me back to its warm embraces. Time to make waking up easier and more gentle! I have compiled my favorite warming breakfast recipe in a small eBook for you as a special Christmas gift. Click here, download, and get started right away. Each recipe is perfect for one starving person, but you can multiply it for the whole family. Don’t worry if you don’t have some of the nut butters or liquid sweeteners mentioned in the recipes. You can

Healthy travel tips

I have grown up traveling a lot with my family and moving countries since birth. I was extremely lucky, and even now looking back, I am so grateful for all the adventures I have had. I still get an itch every few months to just pack up my suitcase and go explore a new city or country. The best part for me about visiting beautiful places is the food. I love trying local cuisines. There is no better way to get to know the culture than when you are enjoying baklava at the spice market in Istanbul, fish and chips on Oxford Road, and chaat from the man on the street in Goa. I love to take local cooking classes to really get to know the historical background of a cuisine. I am forever spoiled from

Homemade Christmas presents: Relaxing herbal tea mix

Christmas time is a time to give... and I love to give in a very unique way. Every year I come up with handmade gifts. There are several criteria they need to fulfill: 1. You can't just go and buy it everywhere. No one appreciates the gift if it can be bought at the next door 7/11! 2. I need to be able to make the gift in big batches - there are many people I want to indulge over the holidays! 3. Give it a special touch - something that only you know how to do, a unique knowledge you have or something personalized for the receiver of the gift. Every year I try to learn something new and further my education. This year I decided to add herbal medicine studies to my nutrition background. It wa

Raw Christmas chocolates

Christmas is my favorite season of the year. Memories of everyone squeezing into my grandmother's kitchen to bake cookies, marinate salmon, and beat the potato dough for German dumplings come to mind. Those childhood Christmases are long gone with my family’s headquarter now being in New Zealand, where we all get together to celebrate the holidays. This means sunshine, beach, and BBQs instead of the heartier, heavier German fare. However, we all still squeeze into the kitchen, and bake a lot of cookies! In my never ending quest to make special occasions and general meals healthier, I have tried to come up with a Christmas inspired raw chocolate to satisfy sweet Christmas cravings. Orange zes

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