Summer white asparagus salad

It's been a while since I have posted anything... and there will be more posts about my journey from the last few months. But for now, let's get right back to it! It's the season of white asparagus, which for a German is probably the most culinary season all year. You are only able to get white asparagus for about 2 months from late April to June 24th. The stalks need to be extremely fresh otherwise they turn woody quickly, which makes for a very unpleasant texture in the mouth. Unlike green asparagus, white asparagus grows underground. Because it doesn't get any sunlight, it stays pale and white. You need to peel the rough skin, then you can cook it or eat it raw. White asparagus tastes muc

Alive Shanghai Thank you classes

I haven't posted here or on my social media in over 2 months and I am finally back!!! My journey over the last weeks will me material for more posts, but for now thank you for being so patient! Sadly, Alive Shanghai will be closing its doors soon, but I am excited to be working on the grand finale of Alive Shanghai in June. I am feeling inspired to bring you a best of all our favorite programs from more than 4 years! Check out the line up of Thank you classes and please come and join me if you are in town: Bootcamp session Saturday, June 6th, 9 - 10am (Changle Lu Studio) We are bringing back one final Bootcamp session for our special classes in June. Our popular Bootcamp only ran twice a

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