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When the WHO released their newest statements on processed and red meat causing cancer a few days ago, my social media went crazy. Every vegan blog, person or magazine I followed rejoiced with "see, we told you so!" I was literally shocked at how vicious some of these statements were towards meat eaters, especially paleo followers. I really hate putting a label on a healthy lifestyle, no matter what you choose to eat. Does it really matter if you are vegan, vegetarian, raw, gluten free or paleo? As I have written on my site, I do believe that wheat and meat are the two most over eaten ingredients in our diet, and we can all benefit from some alternatives. That is why most of my recipes on th

Grab a cup and let’s talk about coffee

When I first start with new nutrition clients, most of them are extremely concerned about my taking away their cup of coffee. Their fear is literally in the air when they first sit down with me. It’s like they are worried I will take their life line away. When I ask if they drink coffee - without any intention of judgement - there are usually immediate excuses: yes, but I keep it low calorie with skim milk; yes, but I don’t use sugar, I use Equal or Stevia to sweeten it. These things are never my major concern. Instead, I want to know about coffee intake to determine how their weight gain and energy levels can possibly be effected by the caffeine. Once I actually start to explain the hormone

My favorite healthy Halloween treats including raw chocolate coconut cups and guacamole

Halloween is just around the corner, so here is a little round up of my favorite healthy Halloween treats. I have served these over the years at our annual Halloween parties, as well as special Halloween fitness classes. Halloween doesn’t mean you have to throw all your healthy resolutions over board. Give these a try! Crooked apple teeth You can keep the almond slices raw or toast them slightly to make them look more browned and ugly :-) Preparation time: 5 minutes apple almond butter almond slices Quarter your apple, cut out the stem part, and then cut it into 4 equal slices. Spread a tiny bit of almond butter on each slice, then place the almond slices in between to make the crooked teeth

Quinoa pea bowl with mint and lemon

While in the summer I prefer to eat mostly raw to make me feel light and cool on my feet, as soon as temperatures drop I crave cooked foods. This is normal, and you absolutely want to go with what your body is craving during the changes of the seasons. While there are some warming raw food recipes you can maintain throughout the winter, there is nothing wrong with eating cooked foods - although some experts may want you to believe otherwise. There are actually certain nutrients that become more easily digestible when we cook them. And on top of that, cooked foods are an essential way to beat cravings. If you tend to eat very cooling salads all the time, then you may start to crave starchy, s

Pumpkin almond smoothie

Ah, fall is here, pumpkin season is here!!! I could eat pumpkin every day. It is such a healthy source of good carbs to give you energy throughout the day. The huge amount of Vitamin A helps with better eye sight. And pumpkin seeds are filled with zinc, a vital component to a healthy immune system. You can use pumpkin in such a versatile way. I usually roast a whole tray for the week and add the roasted pumpkin to everything: salads, stews, stir fries, and batter for pancakes and muffins. Be creative with it. In this recipe, I use the pumpkin to make a dessert like smoothie. The taste is inspired by the ever-present pumpkin spice flavors: cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves. All of them aid

Banana buckwheat pancakes

It’s getting cooler and the time for cooked breakfasts is here! Check out the Warming Breakfasts eBook for plenty of oatmeal ideas. But sometimes it just needs to be pancakes, right? These are super healthy and delicious, no need to feel guilty when whipping them up for breakfast. The maca powder is a completely optional addition for an extra superfoods boost. Also try other toppings for the pancakes, such as berries, nuts, cacao powder, cashew cream or chia jam. Preparation time: 15 minutes Makes 1 serving (5 small pancakes): ½ cup buckwheat flour ½ cup water ½ banana 1 Tbsp almond butter 1 tsp vanilla extract ½ tsp cinnamon ½ tsp baking powder pinch of sea salt optional: 1 tsp maca powder

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