Coconut almond granola & granola apple sandwiches

Granola is one of my quick breakfast favorites because it’s so versatile. You can add it to a smoothie or porridge bowl for some extra crunch, make it into a little apple sandwich (see below) or eat it as it is with nut milk quickly on the go. When you go to the supermarket and start to read the labels of most “healthy” granolas, you will be surprised at the lengthy list of ingredients, all which are basically variations of refined oil and sugar. There is no doubt that you need both in order to get granola crunchy, but the quality of oil and sugar you put into it do make a difference! I love mine very sweet, so I do use quite a bit of maple syrup, but feel free to cut these to ⅓ - ½ cup only

Crispy baked potato fries

Winter time is potato time for me. The starch of the potatoes is the perfect healthy carb to fuel me through the cold temperatures, and keep all my sweet cravings away. If I could, I would probably eat french fries every day. It’s a very New Zealand thing of me to do, where every meal is served with fries on the side. Baking the fries is a much healthier option, but what a challenge it can be! They turn out too dry and raw, too soggy and moist or completely burn into ashes. Reaching that point where they are just perfect to remind you of actual fried fries with a crispy outside and a soft, well cooked inside seems harder to get right than that beautiful push up during your last workout. Don'

Crunchy roasted cauliflower spiced with cumin and sumac

I am always super excited when I find a new ingredient here in Shanghai. A while back I stumbled upon sumac at the Avocado Lady - a red spice from the Middle East. While it’s been a staple in our kitchen for years for all of the Persian cooking we do, it’s not a very commonly known spice. Its taste is slightly sour and tangy, a wonderful addition to salads in the summer and soups in the winter. In the Middle East it is used to flavor side dishes such as hummus, meats like kebabs, and sprinkled on rice. Sumac is a powerful antioxidant, making it an important immune booster in the winter time. In this recipe I paired it with cumin for a flavor explosion of roasted cauliflower. It is a really s

Veggie tofu spaghetti bolognese

When I was in university, I loved pasta. I pretty much had white pasta every day, hence blowing up to my heaviest ever without any real nutrients in my diet. Over time I have found healthier pasta versions to still get a pasta kick once in a while: whole wheat, brown rice, spelt or quinoa pasta. I also try to eat more spiralized veggies as pasta options, and in general get my healthy carb kick from more unprocessed, whole grains. Pasta is only a once in a while dish on my dining table, but when I do cook pasta, it has to involve a delicious, homemade sauce. In this case, tofu and veggies combine into a perfect vegetarian bolognese sauce: chunky and tomato-y. If you enjoy it, I highly suggest

Soy orange glazed sweet potato

For the first recipe of the year, let's make something filling and delicious, but also healthy and light. You will get back into a healthier routine after the holidays, but also not feel like you are depriving yourself. This is my favorite go to side dish. I make it most weeks in big batches, and then eat from it all week long. It’s the perfect warm side dish, and also works as a cold salad. Use white and black sesame seeds for a nice color combo! Preparation time: 20 minutes Makes 2 side servings: 1 big sweet potato (or 2 small ones) 1 Tbsp sesame seeds For the glaze: 4 Tbsp freshly squeezed orange juice 3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 Tbsp soy sauce or tamari 1 tsp mustard 1 tsp apple cide

Why you shouldn't make weight loss one of your New Year's resolutions

Ah, a new year is here and with it an array of New Years resolutions. In my line of work, this is definitely the busiest season of the year. Everyone is keen to keep their resolution of finally losing those extra few pounds that have been piling on in the last year(s). If this is your goal too, let me destroy your dreams right now. 85% of people will give up on their efforts by the end of January. How sad! Another 14% will not make it through the rest of the year. Why is it so hard for most of us to fulfill our weight loss resolutions? Mainly it is because the setting of our resolutions is already flawed. Weight is just a number, a number that is most often completely useless. Yet so many of

Happy New Year

Here is to a healthy and very happy New Year! May you run with the wind, laugh with friends, cuddle with partners, kids, and pets, and enjoy life to the fullest. Love, #holidays

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