Healthy food spotting: San Francisco

Whenever we are in the city to run errands, Beautifull is our go to place! Organic food, fresh from the farm to the cafe is a rarity. Add to that a super creative menu, and you've hit the jackpot! That's what makes Beautifull so unique. Every single time new seasonal menu items have been added. The range is from cold salads, warm veggie, meat or fish sides, to wraps, Japanese brown rice triangles (onigiri), a huge selection of delicious protein, and don't forget about the warm, house baked cookies. Even their kids' selection is a healthy mama's dream! Baby Zand can't get enough of the creamy tofu curry with just enough kick, the crunchy bulga lentil salad, and the refreshing kale cucumber ar

Raspberry jam peanut butter chocolate cups

Yes, you read that right! Sweet raspberry chia jam meets salty, slightly crunchy peanut butter, all covered in raw chocolate. This is seriously the best chocolate I've made to date! Last year I shared my favorite, super easy raw chocolate coconut cups recipe with you for Halloween. This Halloween, put a little bit more effort into your raw chocolate with real cacao butter and powder, and you will have a delicious creation to sink your teeth into on the 31st... or any other day of the year :-) When it comes to making raw chocolate, here are some tips: Yes, it does get messy, so make sure you move anything away from your kitchen counter that you don't want covered in chocolate by the end of th

Raw caramel chocolate slices

One of my favorite holidays is almost here: Halloween! Last year we didn't celebrate it, because I was in pre-labor, but this year we have an amazing family costume planned! Gone are the days when Arman and I were sexy pirates or a scary bride and groom. This year will be much more family friendly - you will see :-) Since Halloween is THE holiday for candies and chocolates, I always like to share some healthier ideas. Last year I made a list of my favorite healthy, super easy, super quick Halloween ideas. This year I will share two of my favorite raw chocolate creations. Number one are my go to raw caramel chocolate slices. I actually make these every year for my own birthday - yes, I am tha

Roasted plum peanut butter

So I have been trying to figure out snack time for Baby Zand. Since we have 3 meals a day all sorted, I now want to transition from the mid day feeds to real snack times. Breast feeding can be convenient, but Baby Zand is not highly into it anymore anyways. Perfect time to completely wean her! So I have been playing around with multiple options from smoothies, to fruit snacks, to hummus with veggies, and one day I discovered she loves peanut butter - I mean seriously she is so in love with it that it was in her hair, her ears, on her diaper, just everywhere. Needless to say, the last few days snack time has been fruit slathered in peanut butter. I wanted to come up with something new and dif

Curried quinoa

Do you crave warming comfort food, too as soon as the temperatures drop? I need creamy, warm deliciousness for every meal. I start my days with warming oatmeals - check out the free Warming Breakfasts eBook for yummy ideas! And lunch and dinner are alway a combination of leafy salads with warming bowls, like this curried quinoa. Coconut milk makes it creamy, Indian spices make the dish warming, and chili gives it just the right amount of kick. If you have read my food prep tips, you know that I like to cook a big batch of quinoa just with water, and then I can use it in many different ways. If you don't have any pre-cooked quinoa, you can just let it cook while you prepare the rest of the in

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