Lentil salad with sun dried tomato dill dressing

Spring is coming, and my need for cooked, warm foods is going away. All winter long I barely ate a salad because I was just so cold the whole time. Now that it is getting warmer, the thought of having a salad sounds more appealing. And this lentil salad is perfect to ease myself back into salads, because it actually still contains cooked lentils and steamed broccoli. The dressing is simply divine, and you can feel free to slather it on any salad creation you make. The sun dried tomatoes give the dressing sweetness, and the dill gives it a unique taste - different from the usual vinegar oil salad dressings! Preparation time: (does not include the cooking time for lentils) Makes 1 serving: - ½

Persian New Year chocolate bark

On our first date, my now husband told me that when it comes to holidays, it goes: 1. Thanksgiving, 2. Persian New Year, 3. Christmas. That was a big shock for me, since Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday season. What did he mean, Persian New Year was more important to him?! Did it have the beautiful decorations? Yes, actually there is a whole spread of flowers, fish, golden coins, fruit, painted eggs, and so much more! But what about the smell of home baked cookies? Oh yes, Persian New Year has got that, too! And they all smell so good with cardamom and rose water in the air! But are there special foods you eat? Absolutely! Traditionally, there is fried fish served with an herb rice.

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