Healthy food spotting: Washington D.C.

When I travel and find an organic cafe with creative, nourishing smoothies, and plant based foods, it's like hitting the jackpot! On a recent trip to Washington D.C. I struck gold yet again. Baby Zand and I explored the city by foot for 2 weeks, and came across Fruitive tucked into a high end shopping area. As you walk in, the ambiance is pure calm and serenity. Wooden shelves line the walls with plant based cookbooks (hello Kris Carr!), flat screens show the delicious menu, and infused water is ready for anyone who wants to hydrate upon entry. We went back several times, mainly for filling smoothies for Baby Zand's snack time. Baby Zand's top 3 smoothie picks: 'Turmerango' with cashew milk,

Coconut Easter eggs and natural food colors

This is a quick post, but I just had to share a super easy Easter "candy" idea with you. My aim is to always let Baby Zand enjoy all festivities, and the same goes for Easter. Instead of nutritionally devoid candies I wanted her to have Easter eggs that make her feel good. So I added some natural coloring to the cashew lemon balls recipe. This took around 30 minutes to make, and made her sooooo happy! To add natural food coloring, keep in mind that when you use real food and spices to color your food, they will also add some flavor! So using the coloring sparingly is key here. Natural food coloring: Yellow - turmeric Red - beet powder Blue - spirulina Green - turmeric and spirulina Purple -

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