Chocolate breakfast spread

You know those days when you just need chocolate for breakfast? Well, if you look through the recipe index, you will see I need chocolate quite a lot. I LOVE IT!!! So on my quest to healthify (is that even a word?!) everything, and make it super nutritious, here is an amazing chocolate spread that is sooooo good for you! The base of this spread is.... drumroll please... chickpeas! You read that right. Think of it as a sweet hummus if you want. The chickpeas make this an excellent plant-based protein rich meal. Use leftover chickpeas you have already cooked and cooled off. Or if you can't be bothered to cook them yourself, find BPA-free canned chickpeas and rinse them very well before using.

Dandelion walnut pesto

Dandelion is one of my favorite leafy greens at the moment. It's has quite a strong bitter taste, so you will want to make sure to combine it with other leaves in a salad, soup or in this case the pesto. This pesto is so versatile, you will want to make it all summer long. Combine it with pasta, spiralized veggies or use it as a dip for an appetizer. When using dandelion, make sure the leaves are vibrant and fresh. If they are starting to look slightly wilted, cut off the harder stems on the bottom, as they can get stringy. If you can get your hands on super fresh dandelion leaves, you can keep the stems on for this pesto. Dandelion leaves are a great liver cleanser. When we often talk about

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