Nutty banana chocolate granola

Nuts, chocolate, and banana mixed together make a heavenly breakfast, snack or even dessert. At the moment I am literally standing at the kitchen counter while doing dishes, throwing this granola in my mouth while keeping an eye on Layla's "pee dance". Yes, we are potty training this week, and let's just say I need the extra chocolate! :-) When it comes to granola, you can search high and low for ones that don't have any refined sugars, vegetable oils, artificial flavors, you get the gist... I am sometimes intimidated when I turn around a granola, and the list of ingredients literally takes up the whole side of the box. I realized many years ago that I just have to make my own. And when it c

Fennel grapefruit summer salad

Summer salads want to be light and refreshing, especially when paired with heavier BBQs or beer gardens :-) This salad is light, yet still filling because of the broad beans. They provide some filling substance other than just leafy greens. Feel free to improvise and use different kinds of lettuce, slice up some orange in case you don't have any grapefruit, and use French beans or sugar snap peas instead of broad beans. The dressing is a winner! I love it with most of my salads in the summer, especially when I can use my lemons from my own tree. Now before I lived in heaven, I used to live in downtown Shanghai. No fresh lemon trees anywhere to be seen. In that case, regular lemons (not even

Staying healthy this summer party season

Our social calendar is stuffed full with graduations, birthdays, and BBQs for the next few months. And while I LOVE spending time with the people, the food situation is my worst nightmare: burnt meat everywhere, packaged onion dips, chips laced with every food additive imaginable, mayo drenched potato and pasta salads, drinks, drinks, drinks, and not a single vegetable in sight... well if I am lucky there is some GMO corn. This is not at all dissing you who is putting on these events, or making it seem like I am the pickiest guest to have around. It's just that when I eat this kind of food, I feel it in my body the next day. My worry isn't so much my waistline, it's much more my mood the nex

Chipotle aioli

Traditionally, aioli is made by whisking together olive oil, garlic, and eggs into a creamy dream of heaven. I can't get enough! In my quest to find plant based variations of everything I eat, this is the best one so far! The chipotle gives the aioli a kick, and it's just so good I basically slathered it on everything for weeks, until I was slightly sick of testing out this recipe for you. Now that I see this gorgeous photo though, I will run straight to the kitchen to get my macadamia nuts soaking again. Now don't ask me what to use this for, because it is seriously so versatile! As you can see, I went all fancy and boiled some artichokes to dip into the aioli. You can also eat it with a qu

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