Super hydrating watermelon juice

This is the ultimate hydrating juice for hot summer days. I want to sip this all day long, and dream of the beach... especially since summer is really not happening here in the Bay Area. I know I keep writing about this, because seriously, where are you sun?!? I can not wait for our little holiday next week. We are off to Bali, relaxation heaven, and you can bet I will be ordering this juice every day by the pool :-) Watermelon is super hydrating by itself. Often you will find people go on about the amount of sugar in watermelon, to which I just throw my hands in the air and go "really?!". Fruit sugar is not a problem for the majority of us. What is a problem is the added sugar in salad dres

Brown rice burger patties and a sticky sweet BBQ sauce

Burgers and BBQs are summer staples. As soon as you eat more plant-based though, you are kind of left out of the fun. I mean you can only eat so many corn on the cobs until they come out of your ears. And sometimes you just really want a juicy burger to bite into. Taadaa... my brown rice burger patties are the perfect substitute. Let me be frank, if you are a hardcore meat burger lover, you are probably not going to appreciate this patty. This is for those of you who have given up meat a while ago, and were fine to nibble on salads and condiments at BBQ get togethers, but you are really ready for something different to enjoy. This burger combines patty and bun in one. This means I make a thi

Banana chocolate chip muffins

You know that feeling of biting into a doughy, sweet baked good? There is nothing like it! And although most of my sweets are raw goodness like my favorite berry cream cake or the lemon cashew balls with coconut - which are a repeat in our household every single week - I sometimes miss a real muffin, croissant or roll. In those cases, these muffins are my go to! They are made with oat flour, which makes them full with fiber, and great to digest. The sweetness comes from the maple syrup and many many bananas, which also give it incredible moisture. I just can't get enough of these, and neither can my husband. He eats these as his post-workout snack. Baby Zand stuffs her face with them. And I

How to food prep for the plane

Let's be honest. I love traveling, and I love exploring new places. Getting there though is a whole other story. While I don't mind the flight itself, airplane food leaves much to be desired. I always wonder if they let preschoolers put together the menus. It's often just noodles and white rice with some kind of meat, a side of dead lettuce, sour tomatoes, and something spongey, unidentifiable for dessert. While I have found that ordering special meals, like vegetarian, vegan or even raw vegan can sometimes be better, it still baffles me what is on the plate; well pretty much the standard American diet, and everything that is wrong with it. You will have to dig a long time to find living and

Healthy food spotting: San Diego

On a recent trip to San Diego I had organic plant based fast food at its finest! At Native Foods Cafe you feel like you are going in for a burger and fries, and you walk out with a nourishing Moroccan quinoa bowl, sweet potato fries, lemongrass broccoli, and an amazing portobello burger. I got off the plane, and was so famished, I would have literally eaten the wooden table at this place. But to my surprise this was one of the most delicious meals I have ever had on the road, and that is saying a lot with all my travel! Crunchy salads, juicy burgers, creative appetizers (hello spicy fried cauliflower with Korean spicy sauce), and nourishing earth bowls will make you fall in love with this me

Cauliflower soup with watercress

Summer is taking its sweet time this year! My tomatoes in the garden don't want to come out yet with these cold temperatures. The popsicles from the free Summer Popsicles eBook are just sitting in the freezer waiting for some summer fun. And Baby Zand and I are hibernating at home - also partly because of the potty training (see post from last week about how I am doing with that :-)). So instead of summery salads, all I wanted today was a warming soup. This is what happened: I sautéed some white onion until the house smelled divine. Added cauliflower and veggie broth, and let the whole thing simmer. I feel stupid even saying this is a recipe, because honestly, you can't go wrong with any of

New Summer Popsicles eBook is here - and it's free!

The day is finally here! The 4th edition of the free Summer Popsicles eBook has landed on the blog with six new popsicle recipes. Looking for a very grown up popsicle? Try the Spicy Mango one. Need an elegant dessert? Rosy Watermelon isn't just beautiful, but also tastes like a little holiday. And my absolute favorite? The Kids' Superfoods Fun with basically anything good you can find in your pantry thrown into a popsicle. Baby Zand can't get enough! This 4th edition also contains the chocolate shell recipe, so you don't have to go looking on the blog for it... because isn't everything just better with chocolate? :-) Grab your free copy right here. Happy 4th of July! #watermelon #vanilla #ci

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