Spicy Thai basil shot

Let me start right away with saying, this juice shot is not for the faint hearted! If you like your juice on the sweet side with a few green leaves thrown in for antioxidants, then this will be a huge jump for you. If you are keen on throwing anything in your juicer, then give this is a try! It's super spicy, slightly bitter, but also fruity, and kind of like a wake up call perfect first thing in the morning. Thai basil leaves are pointier than your regular Italian basil, often almost purple in color, and more bitter and strong. I love rotating my leafy greens for juices and smoothies, to vary the nutrients, and make sure I eat seasonally. Thai basil is a wonderful addition to your rotation

Cilantro lime quinoa

We got a new dog a week ago! This was a huge decision, since it means having another baby in the house. And it also means saying goodbye to our cat TwoShoes. He went missing 2 months ago, and we miss him every day. We were hoping with a new puppy in the house, we would fill that empty space. So... meet Haigo, our 13 week old puppy. We are currently potty training him, and making sure Baby Zand doesn't forget she already IS potty trained. Needless to say, our house smells of pee, I am running after the two babies all the time, I am not getting enough sleep, and just constantly feel that this is the test to see if we will ever give Baby Zand a brother or sister! If you were to ask me right now

Falafel crackers

I loooooove falafel. Not the deep fried, burnt tasting kind, but the crispy on the outside, juicy and herby on the inside ones. I love mine baked (check out my fabulously easy recipe here), but don't mind to eat a fried one once in while, if they are done well. But nothing compares to these falafel crackers! The chickpea flour, the cumin, the parsley, the garlic; it all blends to make a delicious falafel tasting cracker, which you can use for dips (like hummus!), as a bread substitute in an avocado toast version (yes, I have done that), or just simply as a snack. Start with the amounts of the recipe, but trust me, you will soon want to make double or triple the quantity to keep up with the d

Radish salsa

Salsa is maybe a little misleading with this recipe, because it doesn't contain any of the "regular" ingredients. This is a VERY different taste on salsa, but nevertheless a super delicious little side to a rice dish, beans, or anything else you may be cooking up this summer. Radishes, in my opinion, are completely underrated. When they are in season, they are so crunchy, peppery, and earthy. They complement a leafy green salad, they are a perfect addition to a raw veggie and dip platter, and you should most definitely try adding them to your quinoa pea bowl! And whatever you do, DO NOT throw away those radish greens. They are a super power house of minerals like iron, Vitamin C, and folic a

Tropical cream pie

I am taking all the sunshine I can get at the moment, before we start to hibernate again in front of our fireplace all winter long. Summer means tropical fruit, even if you are not in tropical paradise. Mango and pineapple are naturally so sweet and delicious, they can stop most sweet cravings right away. When I hear people going on diets that are low in fruit, I just don't understand it. Yes, we should not be eating so much sugar. Processed sugar that is. But fruit?!? Fruit are found in nature, and are amazing for glowing skin, vibrant energy, and a natural source of energy for us to get through our day. Eat fruit! Grabbing a processed protein bar can never be better for you than a banana.

Roasted corn salsa

This is not a recipe you decide to whip up from scratch. This is very much a recipe made with leftovers! Specifically, leftover grilled corn on the cob. BBQ season is in full swing, and I actually like to have plenty of leftovers to throw on salads throughout the week. Hello, yummy grilled asparagus or romaine lettuce! But what about all that leftover corn?!? I love corn, and try to get my hands on as many organic cobs as possible all summer long. But eating cold corn on the cob is not very nice. So I like to turn it into this amazing grilled corn salsa. So easy to make, and so satisfying to go as a side with cilantro lime quinoa, guacamole and chips, and even in a weird combination with my

Plum ginger jam

Plum season is here, and I have so many over ripe plums sitting around from a big farmer's market shopping spree, that I have decided to make my delicious plum ginger jam. Last year I made huge batches of this, that Baby Zand and I devoured it with our morning oatmeal. I like my jam to be on the chunky side, so I usually will cook it down, and then not mill or process it any further. If you like it on the smoother side, you can transfer it to a food processor, process it until smooth, then return to the pot to finish cooking. Just make sure you wait a little bit before you transfer it to the food processor, so it doesn't burn through it. Let it cool slightly, process it, then cook it again t

Raw key lime tarts

A couple of months ago, my husband planned a lovely getaway weekend in Santa Cruz for my birthday, where we went to my favorite place: Cafe Gratitude (although full disclaimer, the one in Santa Cruz has now split from the LA ones!). Either way, it was the perfect birthday treat with raw, living food to make me feel satisfied, and make my belly very happy. I had a delicious raw key lime pie, and it made me realize that I have never published my favorite version here on the blog. That had to be rectified right away! Let be honest right away: this is a fake key lime pie, as I actually don't use key limes for this version. Key limes are more tart with a floral touch to the flavor. They are also

Baby kale salad with garlicky cumin dressing & keeping your thyroid happy

I have been avoiding kale since the beginning of the year. Not because I think it's not good for me, but because in the health industry everything good goes overboard. Oh, kale is good for us? Let's throw it into EVERYTHING! Juices, smoothies, salads, stews, stir fries, chips, granola bars, everything has kale in it at the moment. I felt like I was having kale numerous times a day when I was eating out, and with everything that is good for us, it can also harm us, if we overdo it. The best example is soy earlier this century. After studies came out saying Japanese women had less breast cancer because of the soy they were consuming, everyone went overboard with soy in tofu, tempeh, soy milk,

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