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It's here, it's here, I am so excited for you! Your gloomy winter days are going to be turned around with warming, nourishing breakfast bowls. Grab your copy of the free Warming Breakfasts eBook now. Click here to get it. Enjoy! #ebook #oats

3 fun plank variations for upper body strength

It's Friday, which means a new exercise video is up on YouTube for you! Today I am talking about three different ways to plank, so you don't get bored with this super effective full body exercise. Even though the variations are more advanced for building upper body strength, there are modifications for every level. So hop on over and check it out! Have fun! #healthtips #exerciseroutine #anatomy #video #alignment

Halloween spider chocolate mousse

I am a huge fan of celebrating all holidays, and always love the challenge of making the special treats healthy AND delicious. Halloween is probably one of the biggest refined sugar and super processed crap holidays out there. Yes, I get it when parents say that it's ok for that one day a year. But honestly, it's never just that one day a year. I find when I say that with Baby Zand, it quickly snowballs: there are chocolate Easter eggs, and chocolate Santas, sugar candy for Persian New Year, and buttery heart cookies for Valentine's Day, plus don't forget about all those birthday parties!!! And before you know it, your "once in a while" turned into "every week". And honestly, that is just to

Brown rice pasta with butternut squash tomato sauce

I just can't get enough of the pumpkin and squash season. And today my dreams came true! When I went to pick up Baby Zand from school, she was playing with homemade pumpkin spice play dough!!! I mean, can it seriously get any better than that? Yes, actually it can, it had glitter inside :-). She wanted to bring it home. I of course made it my immediate mission to replicate it at home. I will let you know how it turns out, and maybe I will even share the recipe with you... Anyways, pumpkin and squash are on our menu pretty much every day at the moment. And last night we whipped up this comforting pasta dish. We don't have pasta often, maybe once a month, and usually I make it with an Asian se

Book of the month: October

"The function of the foot goes way beyond the scrunching of the toes and the stabilizing of the ankle. The foot is the platform for your entire body. The muscles in your feet need to be strong enough to keep your entire body moving as smoothly (and as long) as possible. […] The current state of your feet is a future projection of how well you will be able to move as you get older." This book is a bible for anyone, who has a body - not just for fitness trainers. The importance of feet is something I like to stress with all my clients, because the feet are our foundation that hold us up. And if the feet don’t function properly, our entire body starts to crumble. It’s very sad to see how many p

3 stretches to open tight hips

Every Friday I will post a new video over on YouTube with exercise routines, tips for better alignment, and tricks to get your body out of pain. Today's 10 minute video tackles one of the most important ailments: tight hips. We all have them from too much sitting around at work, in the car, in front of the TV. Tight hips don't feel great, but even worse, they set you up for longterm knee pain, sore lower and upper back. Tight hips influence the alignment of the rest of your body, and who wants to be in so much pain?! So check out my favorite 3 stretches to do without any kind of equipment (you don't even need a mat!). Happy Friday! #exerciseroutine #alignment #injuries #healthtips #fitnessti

Turning the last tomatoes of the season into delicious salsa

I didn't want to make anymore dishes this year where tomatoes have to shine, but there are still so many amazing tomatoes at the market right now. And to make the most of these last ones of the season, I have turned them into this super easy roasted tomato salsa. It is so good, you will just want to just stand in the kitchen and spoon it. It's loosely based on the Mexican restaurant Chevys here in the Bay Area, where my husband used to work as a teenager. He loves their salsa, and tried to re-create it, and this is what came out! Give it a try. Best paired with guacamole of course :-) Preparation time: 45 minutes Refrigeration time: 1 hour Makes 1 cup: 3 Roma tomatoes 2 garlic cloves, peeled

My first Bay Area Event is here: Let's talk... Post-Natal Nutrition

Come and join me for a 60 minute talk on post-natal nutrition at the beautiful Pacifica Family Maternity Center in Berkeley, CA. During the talk I will cover why post-natal nutrition is even more important than pre-natal nutrition when it comes to mom's and baby's longterm health, regaining energy after birth, and steering clear of post-natal depression. There will be plenty of tips, tricks, and recipes to go home with to start your post-natal journey. Book your spot here! When: Saturday, December 9th, 2017; 10-11am Where: Pacifica Family Maternity Center, 3101 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, CA Who: everyone is welcome, especially if you are expecting! To book your spot, go to Eventbrite. I loo

Creamy coconut dahl

With Diwali here tomorrow, I just had to post another dahl recipe (also check out this spinach pumpkin dahl). This dahl is epic. It's the best thing to warm you up from the inside with these quickly dropping temperatures. And the best thing: it's so easy to throw together, you don't need to go to cooking school for it :-) Now when it comes to the list of the spices, it may seem long. You can always use an Indian curry blend as a quick fix, but I love getting individual spices and mixing them myself. That way every recipe doesn't taste the same, because I can change the ratio of the spices to make a unique blend every time. If you find you don't use the spices quick enough (within 3-6 months)

Everything I have learnt from traveling with Baby Zand

Now let’s be honest, traveling with a baby is never stress free! On my last flight I smelt like I just ran a marathon before we even boarded the plane, because I was sweating so profusely. Baby Zand has been on 26 flights in her short life, and with every flight I learnt something new. Now I am going to give you all my wisdom so you can be more relaxed when you travel next time!!! Expect everything that can go wrong to go wrong If you go in with these low expectations, you will be pleasantly surprised when you get out on the other side relatively unscathed. Definitely expect the biggest poop explosion your child has had to date. There will probably be some vomiting all over you, a tantrum be

Chocolate pancakes with vanilla stewed raspberries

Baby Zand has been teething for the last 2 weeks, which makes her feverish, lifeless, and just not in a good mood. And the only thing she wanted every morning when she woke up was "paaaancakes!!!". So after a few days of dry bread and watery oats, I whipped up pancakes. And suddenly this was a tradition for a whole week. I made huge batches of both the banana buckwheat pancakes and the pumpkin spice ones. And at some point I decided we needed a new kind! Tadaaa! Introducing the most delicious chocolate pancakes with vanilla stewed raspberries. Now this may sound super fancy, but it's actually quite quick to whip up. And you can cut the preparation time in half if you have two pans going at t

Garlic sage butternut squash mash

Pumpkin season is finally here! I started early, and have been enjoying my pumpkin almond smoothie with pumpkin spice all of last week already! Pumpkin is such an amazing, filling vegetable. Yes, it's a starchy vegetable, but you do not have to go all no-carbs crazy on it. It's filled with fiber, meaning it keeps you feeling full longer, and it helps with stabilizing your blood sugar. It will release energy slowly throughout the day, making sure you don't fall into an energy low between meals. I personally love pumpkin all day long. I make a pumpkin butter I add to my oatmeal, I use roasted pumpkin on my salad, and pumpkin soup is my absolute favorite. Well, was my favorite. I think this gar

Movement versus exercise

Every day on my Instagram stories I give a tip of the day: from a quick nutrition fact, to exercises you can do on the run, or insights into a healthier lifestyle. Today I talked about three movements to add to your daily life to ease aches and pains specifically neck, back, and hip pain. Check them out quickly before they go away! :-) I think the distinction between movement and exercise is so important in today's sedentary life we all lead. Our bodies were designed to move all day, not sit at desks in front of phones and computers. Our bodies were meant to walk, run, hunt, climb; all with ease. Yet most people can't pull their own body weight up. And because we don't have natural movement

Spiced apple sauce

This past month we have been flooded with apples from our trees. Our afternoon post-nap ritual is for Baby Zand and I go to go out, pick an apple to snack on, and watch puppy Haigo run around in the yard. I am dreading the day there are no more apples on the trees, and we will turn into tantrum central! We can't even eat these apples quick enough, more and more just keep falling off the tree. So we have been living on apple muffins, apple pie, apple crumble, apple muesli, apple juice, and this spiced apple sauce. It gets its kick from chili and ginger with a hint of cinnamon. Baby Zand is the biggest fan - maybe because she never had purees before with the baby led weaning?!? While Baby Zand

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