New exercise video for pregnancy is here!

Today's exercise video is for all of you moms-to-be. Even though I am currently not pregnant, I can vividly remember how much I suffered from excruciating back pain during my pregnancy. Our poor body goes through so many changes so quickly, our muslces and ligaments just can't keep up! While our abdominals separate to make room for growing baby, the back muscles work overtime to keep us upright even with the big belly in front. Back pain is inevitable during pregnancy, but you can help your body out by strengthening weak back muscles, and lengthening them with safe stretches. Come and join me for today's session that you can do at any stage of your pregnancy. You can add small dumbbells (1-2

Sprouted spelt dinner rolls

I have written before about how I like to use spelt when I do consume gluten. It's less processed, less modified, and easier on our digestion. Baking gluten free can sometimes be heart breaking, when you went out and bought some really expensive gluten free flours, only to find out that your bread turned into a hard, dry, crumbly lump of chalk. I do often bake gluten free especially when to comes to cookies and muffins, but sometimes you just want a real piece of fluffy bread :-). These dinner rolls take a while to rise, but your hands on time is less than 10 minutes. You can let them do their thing while you run errands, cook or play with the kids. I like to make a batch of these on the wee

Birthday musings and huge giveaway!

Today is my birthday, and it always resembles a new start for me - much more than New Year's day. I love reflecting on what was good, what lessons I learned, and what I want to achieve this coming year. Most importantly, I count my blessings, I make a huge list of everything I am grateful for. Of course life isn't always sunshine and daisys, but it puts me in a much better mood if I focus on the things I am grateful for, no matter how small. The fact that I have a roof over my head, running water, food on the table, and a warm and cozy bed to sleep in is more than what most people have in this world. It is the basic things we have that we often take for granted. Yes, my yard is a ton of work

New yoga video is here

The exercise video series for beginners is continuing. I have taken on Barre Basics and Pilates Principles. Today's video is all about yoga fundamentals. If you are not a fan of yoga, then this video is for you. And if you are a yoga fanatic, then hopefully you can still learn some new alignment tips today. We go through some of the basic yoga poses such as warrior 1 and 2, goddess pose, and an easy backbend. I will show you how to align your body, even if you are not super flexible. I love yoga for the way it connects our mind and body. It truly helps to lower our stress hormones, which we all have too much of. Yoga is great to increase flexibility, strength, and even cardiovascular health.

Baby spinach and bean salad

Last year I had a little survey, asking you to let me know what you wanted to see more of. So at the beginning of the year I vowed to bring you more super simple recipes that you can whip up in a few minutes, as well as giving you more ideas what to do with all those superfood powders stashed in your pantry. I've really been trying to walk that thin line between easy-to-find ingredients, but also giving you yummy ideas for those really yucky tasting powders. So far these seem to be the most popular recipes of the year: Maca cacao green smoothie Super easy blended vegetable soups Chocolate peanut butter balls Green strawberry smoothie bowl Pink lattes I would love to hear from you. Do you hav

New exercise video is here!

It's YouTube Friday, and a new free exercise video is here. Today we tackle one of the most asked question by far: "Can I still exercise while I have my period?". The answer really is, it is completely up to you! If you feel like you want to move your body to connect to it, then go ahead and do that. If you feel tired and just want to curl up in bed with a cup of tea and a good book, then do that. Today, I will share some restorative yoga poses with you that are comforting, calming, and relaxing when you are on your cycle. They help you to ease PMS symptoms such as cramping, bloating, and lower back pain, and they make you feel connected to your body, even when you may just feel "yucky" insi

Maca cacao green smoothie

If you have been following me on this blog or over on social media for a while, you know that I can't live without my green smoothies every morning. It's like my body is addicted to them. Even when I travel, I make sure that I can either find a cafe close by that can whip one up for me or that I can blend a simple one in my hotel room. The leafy greens give me so much energy for the day, the fiber keeps my digestion happy, and the vitamin and mineral bomb that hits me with every sip makes sure that my body is functioning well. It works so much better than coffee, because coffee also makes your stress hormones soar, gives you indigestion, and sucks out all your energy giving water out of you.

New exercise video is here: Pilates principles

It's YouTube Friday, and I am continuing the series of basics. A few weeks ago we had Barre Basics, today I will walk you through the six Pilates principles: concentration, centering, control, focus, breath, and precision. Using these principles with basic Pilates exercises will show you how you can make any exercise more effective and efficient. These 30 minutes will be much more intense than you first think :-). All you need it a mat, and a willingness to learn about your core. The video is now up on YouTube. Have a fabulous weekend! #exerciseroutine #fitnesstips #Pilates #alignment #video

Chocolate peanut butter balls

I am sorry, this recipe is not for anyone who suffers from a peanut allergy. I know there is many of you, and I feel for you. There are many foods I avoid, but peanuts are not one of them. I absolutely love peanut butter, especially peanut butter chocolate cups. These balls are the perfect little snack with the flavor of a Reese's cup without all the nasty additives and refined sugar. Give them a try, I am sure you are going to be addicted soon! Make sure you use raw cacao powder to get all the benefits of nutrients such as calcium and iron. Preparation time: 10 minutes Makes 20 balls: 3/4 cups oats 1/2 cup smooth unsalted peanut butter (if you only have salted, that's fine, just omit the se

Book of the month: May

“This book is the product of my years devoted to working exclusively with produce, and it includes all of the notes and lessons I have gathered along the way. I hope it will be your ultimate guide with practical, how-to information (the stuff that, somehow, no one ever taught you). Here, vegetables are the center of your plate, not an afterthought or obligation. They are modern, sexy, and extraordinarily delicious - the way they deserve to be.” There had to come a time, when the book of the month is a cookbook considering this is a food blog :-). Well, the time has come! I absolutely adore this cookbook. This is the book I never wrote. It’s a bible for all vegetables from A-Z with some reall

New exercise video: 5 minutes evening stretches

It's YouTube Friday, and today's video is here to bring you rest and a good night's sleep. After a long day of sitting or standing, it is important to bring a little bit of movement into your body, before it rests still for the whole night. This video is only 5 minutes long, and will help you to relax your body, calm down your nervous system, and ease you into restful sleep. I do this sequence every night before I go to sleep, and it has made a huge difference to how deep I sleep, and how well rested I wake up the next morning. The video is now up on YouTube. If there is a specific video you would like to see, please let me know, and I will make it for you! Have a wonderful weekend, #video #

Spelt pizza dough and a super simple tomato sauce

I love bread, pizza, baked goods, anything doughy really. Sadly, they don't love me so much. I get extremely bloated looking like I'm 5 months pregnant with a deep desire to unbutton my pants. The majority of the recipes here on the blog are kept gluten free. Not because I necessarily believe that everyone should be living gluten free, but because I think it is one of those things we overeat. And with anything, if we overeat it, we create an imbalance in our digestive tract, in our body, and in our health. Gluten is a protein in the grains wheat, barely, rye, and spelt. It is the glue that makes a dough kneadable, so you can stretch and form it into any shape. If you have ever made your own

Essential oils for seasonal allergies

As I am not too keen on New Year's resolutions, I simply chose a word to represent what I wanted to focus on this year: wellbeing. Wellbeing in all areas of my life. My health and that of my family, my relationships, my work, my finances, my body, my home. And one way to bring more wellbeing into my home was to use more essential oils again. I grew up with essential oils, my mother pulling out a different oil no matter what ailment I had. As a teenager I thought that was super uncool and just wanted a pill to take. Now years later I can totally appreciate how my mother really took amazing care of us in our home and of our bodies with essential oils. Some of you may know that my mom is my abs

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