No excuses during your summer travels - come and exercise with me!

It's YouTube Friday, and you will definitely want to bookmark today's exercise session. Summer is here, and with that traveling, hotel rooms, and a lack of our regular health routine. Today I share my favorite routine that I use myself when traveling to stay fit. It can be done in a hotel room on the edge of a bed, sofa or chair or you can even take this outside to a park bench. It's quick, doesn't require any equipment, and you don't even have to get on yucky hotel floors for it. The video is now up on YouTube. I hope you have a wonderful summer holiday! #video #exerciseroutine #healthytravel #fitnesstips

Strawberry and cream bites

I don't post a lot of recipes with strawberries, because I am allergic to the pesticides on strawberries. Even some organic ones cause me to break out in an extreme rash. I do LOVE strawberries, and when I find some good ones, then I will make everything with strawberries until they are gone. These strawberry and cream bites are an absolute dream for this strawberry season. They are sweet and fruity and creamy and light all in one bite. Make sure to read the coconut instructions closely, it can get confusing with so much coconut flying around :-). Of yeah, if you don't like coconut, you will very likely not enjoy these balls, so don't waste your time. Try some other delicious balls instead l

Moms, get up an hour before your kids

I know, it can be tempting to use your child as your alarm clock, especially in those early years when school doesn't dictate your schedule yet. Once they call for you, you drag yourself out of bed to grab them, get them breakfast or nurse them while you sip on your first (probably already cold) coffee of the day. You feel tired, and like a truck just hit you. This is how you drag yourself through the day, every day. It is so important to have some own time to yourself, we all know that. It just seems impossible in between jobs, school drop offs and activities, while nursing on demand, running a household, doing endless laundry, and trying to get something edible on the table. And don't forg

Setting up your TRX

It's YouTube Friday, and I am excited to share a TRX video with you. In order to set your TRX up safely, I have a few tips here for you. If you have recently purchased your TRX, this should have also come with a DVD to help you set up your TRX properly. Check out my tips on YouTube now. Then come and learn some of my favorite TRX exercises. For more information on TRX: #exerciseroutine #fitnesstips #video

TRX essentials video is here!

It's YouTube Friday, and I've got a special treat for you: TRX essentials. I absolutely love exercising with the TRX, especially in the summer when the weather is nice, and you want to spend time outdoors. The TRX travels really well, so you can take it along on your summer trip. You can hook it up on a playground structure, a tree, a door or anywhere that is sturdy enough to hold your weight. With the help of the TRX you can do a lot of strength training without the need for a gym. Just by changing the position of your feet you can make the moves incredibly intense. Today I show you some of my favorite basic exercises. I break them down for you, and explain what to look out for. You have to

Summer tomato and plum salad

Are you as excited as I am about the beginning for summer? At the market this weekend I was so happy to see big berries, fresh leafy greens, and juicy tomatoes. Summer brings so much delicious produce, I want to buy and eat everything! This salad is a nice little summer side salad to brighten up any meal. The tomatoes are accompanied by plums and basil to make this your favorite summer salad yet. Enjoy! Preparation time: 10 minutes Makes 1 serving: 20 cherry tomatoes or 1 big tomato on the vine, finely chopped 10 basil leaves 6 pitted olives, finely chopped 1 garlic clove, minced 1 spring onion, finely chopped 1/2 plum, finely chopped 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 Tbsp freshly squeezed lim

Making it through stressful times

As you may know, a couple of months ago Baby Zand broke her ankle. It changed our daily life dramatically. She was in pain, didn't want to eat anything, needed to be carried everywhere, and only slept on my chest while I sang to her all night. She was so incredibly disappointed with herself, and frustrated with life that she couldn't run around and play like she used to. I survived on less than 2 hours of sleep every night, with practically no time to write for the blog, make food, exercise, or do anything around the house. I put all my work on hold, and didn't see any friends. Most rooms looked like a bomb had exploded in them, especially with all the new toys Baby Zand was gifted for this

New exercise video is here!

It's YouTube Friday, and I have a quick video for you to do this weekend: Long & strong. It's a fun sequence of strong exercises working from the core into the fingertips and toes. We move quickly from exercise to exercise, but I do break each exercise down, and give you easier options, so come and join me and make it your own. All you need is a mat and 25 minutes. The video is now up on YouTube. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know if there is any other video you would like to see me tape for you in the comments below. Have a great weekend! #video #exerciseroutine #Pilates #alignment #anatomy

Blueberry smoothie breakfast bowl

Anytime I make "ice cream" for breakfast, it's a win with Baby Zand (like these açaí bowls). This blueberry bowl is our current favorite with the warm temperatures finally here. You can top the bowl with any of your favorite granolas, with nuts and seeds, chopped fruit or anything else you have in your pantry and want to use up (think crumbles of superfood bars or your last shreds of coconut). Preparation time: 5 minutes Makes 1 serving: 1 banana 1 cup frozen blueberries 2 Tbsp coconut water 1/2 tsp wheatgrass powder (optional) Topping ideas: coconut almond granola nutty banana chocolate granola raw ginger fig granola nuts seeds sliced fruit bee pollen coconut yogurt cashew cream Place all i

Come and jump with me in this new exercise video!

YouTube Friday is here, and so is an intense session of plyometrics - strong, explosive moments that raise your heart rate quickly, build strength, and don't require any equipment. I love using plyometrics in many of the higher intensity exercise videos. Today we are going to break down some of the basic exercises, then you can choose if you want to add the jumps or not. The video is now up on YouTube. I would love to hear from you. If there is a specific kind of exercise video you would like me to film for you, just let me know in the comments below or send me a love note. Have a wonderful weekend! #video #exerciseroutine #anatomy #alignment

Macadamia ginger cookies

As you may have gathered from my posts last week, I just celebrated birthday week. Every day I had another fantastic vegan treat (a couple non vegan ones, too :-)). There were some seriously delicious organic, vegan donuts from a place just down the road, and now that I know about them, I think I have to practice all my willpower to not stop there all the time. I will feature this amazing place on the blog here soon. Most of the treats I actually made myself. Every year since I have moved out from home I have made myself caramel slices. The first few years were with refined sugar and dairy, but I soon made up this raw, vegan, refined sugar free, gluten free version that is actually better th

Book of the month: June

“Motherhood is really like being in an action movie that goes on for your whole life - but with all the boring, everyday bits left in.” Alright, let’s tackle this humungous topic of marriage and keeping our romantic relationship healthy, alive, and stress free(er) after having a baby; a topic that has had me reading everything I can get my hands on for the last year. The more I talk to other moms, the more I realize that this is a problem for EVERYONE. I mean, throw a child into a relationship, and it will be hard to see eye to eye on everything. Mix that up with sleep deprivation, financial worries, health problems, and job insecurity, and you’ve got yourself an explosive minefield. “I’ve a

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