Sesame vanilla energy balls

Tahini and sesame are some of my favorite ingredients to give a recipe an interesting, almost bitter flavor, but I know not everyone loves that. I do hope that with these yummy energy balls I will change your mind though. The very subtle sesame and tahini flavor make these balls more than just sweet little treats. Sesame is actually a fabulous seed us women should really eat more of. In a world that is so estrogen dominant with pesticides, plastic's BPA, ingredients from our skin care, and other environmental pollutants, we are often completely overdosed on estrogen - the hormone that is responsible for the first half of our cycle, from the first day of menstruation to the day of ovulation (

Let's fire up our core!

It's YouTube Friday! Today's video is a quick core session that will get your midsection fired up for better stability in everything else you do throughout the day. Come and join me for just a few minutes of intense core activation and a little bit of release and stretch in the end. You can use this video by itself or combine it with any other exercise routine you are doing at the gym, at home or in a class. I hope you enjoy this video. Please let me know in the comments if there are any other videos you would like to see here. Have a great weekend! #exerciseroutine #video #Pilates

Thai quinoa coconut salad

Ok, Thai and quinoa in one recipe doesn't seem very traditional. It's not. But it is the coolest creation by one of my favorite restaurants in the Bay Area: Daughter Thai in Mont Clair. I have to say, having lived in Thailand for 3 years, I have become somewhat of a Thai food snob. The majority of Thai restaurants are just satays and pre-made curry sauces thrown together with whatever meat or vegetable you want with some bland rice on the side. Most of it is uninspired and doesn't even taste like anything you would find in Thailand. So ever since my bestie introduced me to this restaurant, I have been hooked! Every dish is a flavor bomb, and some of the fusion creations - like their quinoa s

Come and join me mama!

It's YouTube Friday! Today we are tackling one of my least favorite topics - morning sickness. When I was pregnant with Baby Zand, morning sickness was with me all day every day for almost the entire pregnancy. I basically lived on the floor of my bathroom for months on end. While exercising was the last thing on my mind, going out for a walk in fresh air, as well as moving with deep breath really did help to alleviate nausea and make me feel less sick - physically and mentally! So today I've got my favorite 3 poses for you that will help you slow down a little and bring back a sense of comfort and relief. You will need a few props to make yourself extra comfortable: a chair, the edge of you

Raw carrot cupcakes with lemon vanilla frosting

Easter is almost here, so it's time for yummy carrot cake. Even though carrot cake sounds healthy - carrots are a vegetable after all, right? - most are filled with processed vegetable oils, refined sugar, and gut inflaming flours. And as you may know by now, I set out to make every holiday a little healthier because it should never just be bland, boring food for you while everyone else enjoys treats. I take this approach with my daughter, too, making sure she has access to so many yummy things that she never has to miss out on a holiday treat. These little carrot cupcake bites are to die for! The right amount of cinnamon and ginger give the cupcakes some spice. The dates sweeten them, and t

Dust off a ball and join me on the mat

It's YouTube Friday, and today I've got a Ball Buster exercise video for you. You will need a soft, slightly deflated ball - it can be a barre ball or any ball you have lying around in your living room from your kids. We are going to use this ball for strengthening work of the core and glutes. It's intense - I am not going to lie! These two muscle groups are often underused, making us suffer from bad posture, back pain, knee pain, and so many other little "issues". So come and join me for 20 minutes to strengthen your core and glutes, and come back to this video as often as you need to learn how to fire them up properly. Have a great weekend! #exerciseroutine #video

Raw Thai green curry noodles

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I came back from our holiday with hives all over my body. I am not sure if it was stress, jetlag, sleep deprivation, pollution, exposure to other chemicals or pesticides or whatever else. Either way, I have been scratching myself bloody every night - not the most pleasant thing in the world! As soon as we landed, I knew what I had to do. I had to cut back on a lot of foods to just give my body some time to heal itself. And that means freeing up digestion, so my body isn't busy sending blood to digest foods, but can rather use my flowing blood to help my skin recover. Even though I am not a fan of drastic "diets", sometimes dramatic symptoms requir

Step up your exercise routine

It's YouTube Friday, and today I've got some inspiration to step up your boring exercise routine. Squat jumps are one of my favorite exercises to get the heart pumping and the entire body working. However like with all exercises we love, it can get boring doing exactly the same thing over and over again. So today I've got 3 fun squat jump variations for you to try out: the jumping jack wide squat jump, the frog jump, and the hop tuck jump. Give them a try! I promise you you will love them, and I hope you will incorporate them into your own routines. Have a great weekend! #exerciseroutine #video

Raspberry cacao smoothie

We have been traveling like crazy these last couple of weeks. Asia will always have a special place in my heart, and coming to Singapore and Shanghai with Baby Zand has truly been a dream come true. I have loved showing her where she was born, where we lived, where her cousins go to school, and so much more. We have been enjoying dumplings, noodles, cakes, cookies, and so much yumminess. To make sure we still get plenty of fruits and veggies to keep us strong and healthy, we have been enjoying endless smoothies and juices - especially pink princess juice aka watermelon juice. So this week I am sharing one of my favorite afternoon pick-me-up smoothie recipes with you. This raspberry cacao smo

Book of the month: April

“Awareness is the key to mastering your Mean Girl, because once you know what you know, you can’t unknow it. So rather than fighting her, slamming the door in her face, and resisting her every step of the way, it’s more constructive to use her as a guide back to your truth… love!” I love Melissa Ambrosini and what she puts out into this world. Her podcast is one of my favorite to listen to, and this book is THE book to get your self-love journey started. I know when I start talking about being gentle with yourself, about loving yourself first, so you can be a better human being, most people will say that this is a luxury. I couldn’t disagree more. Self love and self care are vital to be of s

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