Grilled corn and kale salad

Summer is BBQ season for us, and it is like a ritual to Arman. He uses charcoal, which means it is a process to get the thing to light up and get it hot enough. Every weekend he stands in the garden, and makes fire. And now Baby Zand is getting so excited about being the BBQ helper, she runs back and forth between dad at the BBQ and mom in the kitchen, asking for tools and food, and relaying messages between the two of us. To me BBQ is kind of bitter sweet. I don't eat meat, so a lot of the BBQing is lost on me. I will often make myself a veggie burger, but prepare it in the kitchen instead, so it doesn't fall apart. To me, BBQing is more about the sides: the salads, the grilled veggies, the

You asked for it, it's here!

It's YouTube Friday, which means I have got another exercise video for you to get you moving at home in minimal time. Last week I had you vote if you wanted TRX Tone or Barre & Ball, and even with so many of you voting, it was split exactly 50/50. So after last week's TRX Tone, here is now Barre & Ball for you. You can do this session at home with a chair, kitchen countertop, tabletop, or even against a wall. You can use any ball you have lying around, just deflate it slightly, so you can properly grip and squeeze it. This session will work your entire body, as you are using your upper body and core to stabilize your lower body moves. It's a burner! I hope you enjoy it. If you are looking fo

Raspberry peanut butter balls

These balls are our favorite go-to snack right now, especially because Baby Zand helped create the whole thing: the recipe, taste testing (of course!), picking the flowers, styling the photo, and directing me to get the right shot... and let's not forget the actual enjoying of these balls afterwards at the playground, with her dolls, and with me, yay! These balls are super versatile. You can use any freeze dried fruit - strawberry or blueberry anyone? You can use other nut butters if peanut butter is not your thing or you are allergic to it. Take the recipe and make it your own! Preparation time: 15 minutes Makes 25 balls: 2 cups cashew nuts 1 cup freeze dried raspberries 1/4 cup peanut butt

Grab your TRX!

It is Friday, so you know that there will be a new YouTube exercise video for you! This week over on Instagram stories you got to vote for today's video. Did you want to see a Barre & Ball session or TRX Tone? Well, I don't know how this is possible with so many of you voting, but you were split 50/50! So you will get both. This week will be TRX Tone, next week will be Barre & Ball. In case you have never worked with the TRX before, check out these two videos first: TRX set up tips TRX essentials For this exercise routine to truly work well, it is ideal to have the TRX free hanging like on a playground structure, not against a wall. However, if that is all you have, I am sure you can make it

Roasted sunchoke salad

Living in Asia means that I have come across some fun veggies and fruits over time. Buddha's hand is a citrus fruit, that is shaped more like a claw than an actual hand. Dragonfruit is still by far the most beautiful fruit to me. And then there is bitter melon, which has nothing to do with a melon, isn't sweet, and actually works really well in South East Asian curries. But then I moved to Berkeley, and who knew I could still find something fun and new to me, that I would instantly fall in love with? Introduce the sunchoke or also called Jerusalem artichoke, although it tastes nothing like an artichoke and it also has nothing to do with Jerusalem. Sunchokes come from Northern America, and th

Running without pain and injuries

It is YouTube Friday, and today I am sharing my favorite post-run stretch sequence with you. This is not your normal throw-your-leg-up-on-a-bench-and bounce-forward-stretch, but a flowing sequence that will help to open up all joints in your body after a run. It takes you 10 minutes, and every time you do this you will feel so much better in your next run: faster pace, better stability when landing with your feet, and more agility in your joints to move out of the way of obstacles. This sequence will ensure that you can enjoy running for a long time without any injuries or pain. Are you in need for some cooling down this summer? Have you downloaded the FREE Summer Popsicles ebook yet with ov

Car seat disaster and why I stopped parenting after 9am

Today was one of those mommy days I just want to erase from my memory, go to bed, and pull the duvet over my head. On our way to school this morning, we took the windy road through the hills while Baby Zand was happily munching on her late breakfast. Suddenly she says, “mama, my mouth is ouchie”. I turn around just in time to see how she spits up green smoothie all over herself like a demon being exorcised. Green smoothie was all over her white dress, her beige stuffed mouse, the car seat, the rest of the car, and into her own hair. Have you seen my daughter’s hair? I am highly jealous of her perfect doll curls, but they are a nightmare to deal with. In the evening after bath time I often fi

Green summer potatoes with parsley pumpkin seed pesto

My first potatoes are coming out of my veggie garden, and that makes me soooo happy. Even though there are never enough for a full meal, the few that I get to add to a dish like this make all the difference. To me our veggie garden is not about feeding our entire family, although we do have lettuce for the whole summer. It is about showing Baby Zand where food comes from, how long it takes to grow, and then to pick it, clean it, and prepare it. She loves watching her strawberries grow a little bit more every day, and she is obsessed with making sure puppy Haigo doesn't eat our tomatoes. He has already gotten to our chili peppers - not sure how he survived that?!? As you can see, the veggie g

Are you cheering for the Soccer Women's World Cup final this weekend?

It's YouTube Friday, and today I've got a fun video for you. Have you been as obsessed with the Soccer Women's World Cup as Baby Zand and I?!? We love cheering for every goal, and I am super inspired by the agility and speed of these fabulous super heroes. So today we are going to do a soccer drills inspired circuit training. It's fast paced, strong, and over quickly. All you need is a ball - any kind of ball you have got lying around at home - and don't worry, no soccer skills are required. You can step any of these jumping options in case it gets too hard or your joints start to ache. Take it at your own pace, and make this little circuit your own. For knee comfort, have a mat close by. Ha

Breakfast popsicle

The new free Summer Popsicles ebook is here! Have you checked it out yet? It is filled with over 35 delicious recipes that are all dairy free, gluten free, and refined sugar free. Most of them come together in just a few minutes, and they are rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Every single popsicles in this ebook will nourish your entire body from the inside out! This breakfast popsicles is one of my favorite for many reasons: When another heat wave strikes, we will be ready with a refreshing breakfast as soon as we wake up! You can literally use any oatmeal recipe you have and love to make this popsicle. And the best part, freeze any leftover oatmeal you have made into popsicle, a

Book of the month: July

"It's been said that kids don't come with an owner's manual. Actually, they do... in a way. Some real clues to understanding your children are written in their astrological signs. Each zodiac sign is encoded with amazing information to help you understand your child's "automatic settings."" Ok, I know I am making this site weirder by the month. Last month I talked about crystals, and this month it's zodiac signs! I am just keeping it real with you. I have read many parenting books - most of which I have burned and buried. And I have read most of the self-help section at our local book store. Yet, there are many things that I still don't have answers for, so I feel totally ok with taking it t

The new Summer Popsicles ebook is here!

It's here, it's here! The new edition of the Summer Popsicles ebook has landed with over 35 delicious recipes for kids and grown ups. My new favorite recipe is the Saffron Peach And Cream, it is sooooo good! I hope you enjoy this ebook. It's dairy free, gluten free, and refined sugar free, but filled with flavors, and the best part: it is free! So go grab your copy now to stay cool all summer long. Make sure to tag men in your creations on social media so I can enjoy the deliciousness with you from afar #martinazand. Download your copy of the free Summer Popsicles ebook here. Love, #ebook #popsicles

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