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Welcome to YouTube Friday. Did you know that every week on Instagram in my stories you can vote for the video that I will show here? Make sure to follow me here. Today we are attacking our core with an intense core power session. We will build up the exercises, incorporating all three muscle groups of our core as well as our glutes for great alignment, and ultimate strength training. If an exercise gets too intense for you, just go back to one of the previous options, and slowly build you strength up. All you need is a mat, and around 25 minutes. Have you checked out the delicious recipe of the week? Check out the green minty tapenade here. Have a great weekend, #exerciseroutine #video #alig

Green minty tapenade

Ok, let me be frank, I use the word tapenade very loosely here. Usually tapenade is made with black olives and capers, and processed into a smooth paste with olive oil. I leave this one much chunkier, add garlic, chili, and herbs, and most importantly - I used green olives! So it's a very distant cousin of a tapenade :-). I love this on crackers or bread as an appetizer, it goes super well as a condiment for BBQs, and you can even top salads and yummy bowls (like this beetroot rice bowl) with it. Give it a try for these last summer days. Preparation time: 5 minutes Makes about 1 cup: juice of 1 lemon 1 garlic clove 1 cup green, pitted olives 2 Tbsp chopped fresh mint 2 Tbsp chopped fresh par

3 tips for new mothers on how to ease back pain

When Baby Zand was born, there was sleep deprivation, there was a constant fear of something happening to her, and there was an endless flow of oxytocin in my body, breaking my heart so wide open and loving like I had never loved before. What I didn’t realize though was that an incredible amount of back pain would come along for the journey, even though I was a fitness professional and knew everything there was to know about posture and training. I found it incredibly depressing that on top of the healing of my core and stitches and nipples, I now also had to deal with constant back pain debilitating me to the point of not being able to get up out of bed. When talking to other mom friends ab

All you need is your mat and 15 minutes

It's YouTube Friday! Today's session will fire up your glutes, and make you feel very alive. All you need it a mat, 15 minutes, and you are set to come and burn with me. Just keep telling yourself, it's almost over :-). Every week you get to vote what video you want to see here, so make sure to follow me on Instagram, so your vote can count, too. If you have any wishes, please let me know what videos you would like to see in the comments below. Enjoy! P.S.: The newest recipe on the blog this week is the fluffiest, most delicious chocolate mousse ever that is completely dairy free, gluten free, and refined sugar free. Give it a try, you won't be sorry. Get the recipe here. #exerciseroutine #v

New Barre class: every Tuesday in Oakland

If you are in the Bay Area, and you have been wanting to exercise live with me, come and join me for my new regular Barre class every Tuesday at 6.45pm at Vita in Oakland. Book your spot directly through Vita's website. It's going to be a sweaty one! I hope to see you there! #events

Chocolate mousse with aquafaba

A couple of weeks ago on Instagram I shared how we were making chocolate mousse with aquafaba. No one knew that aquafaba was, and how it turned into chocolate mousse. Get ready, because this will surprise you! It is the liquid you drain away from canned chickpeas. I know, super weird :-). Once you know about this, you will see it everywhere in health food stores and vegan cafes. It basically can be beaten like egg whites, so it is used in mayonnaise, meringues, or in mousse form like this chocolate mousse. It has very light bean-y taste, but once combined with other ingredients, it takes on the other flavors, and you won't be able to tell chickpeas were ever involved. Now, let's talk about t

Book of the month: August

“For many mothers - as well as for fathers who bear the brunt of raising a child - parenting can be emotionally, psychologically, financially, and physically draining, yet few of us ever honestly share how exacting, incredibly tough, and emotionally burdensome we find it. So invested are we in being “good” parents that we would be embarrassed to share our feelings with friends and family. Because of our fear of being judged, we tend to hide the degree to which we feel torn asunder, shredded, and psychically distorted by the demands of our children. Consequently, most of us walk the path of parenthood feeling alone, truly believing we are abnormal in our occasional longing to be who we were b

You will feel this one!

It's YouTube Friday, and session is Intense Mat Work. All you need is your mat, and you are ready to join me for a 15 minute deep core session. We will slow down to really feel the movement, because it is in that space between each breath when we truly get stronger. Don't worry, it looks advanced, but there are easier modifications for everything. Are you making the most of the last summer days? Grab your free copy of the Summer Popsicles ebook now to enjoy delicious, refined sugar free, dairy free, and gluten free icy treats. Have a great weekend! #exerciseroutine #video

Chilled cucumber avocado soup

Summer days are still here, and with it the need for cooling foods that are super easy to prepare. Let me introduce you to my newest obsession: this creamy, chilled cucumber avocado soup. It's sooooo good. The texture is dreamy, exactly what you would expect from a creamy soup. The flavor is subtle yet delicious. And it fills you up without making you feel heavy and extremely full, so that you can be light on your feet this summer, and return to fun in the sun. You can prepare this ahead of time, and keep it in the fridge to chill further. Preparation time: 5 minutes Makes 1 main or 2 side servings: For the soup: 5 mint leaves 2 small-medium sized avocados 1 spring onion 1/2 big cucumber 1/2

Grab your mat and flow with me

It's YouTube Friday, and today I have a Flow & Go session for you. All you need is a mat and 20 minutes, and we will wake up and strengthen your entire body. Trust me, it looks easier than it is! You will feel the burn quickly in your muscles, and your heart rate rising. Let's go! If you have any other video requests, please just let me know in the comments below. I love to hear from you! Have a great weekend! #video #exerciseroutine #yoga #rituals

Stuffed cherry bomb peppers

This little appetizer is great for when you are hosting a dinner or when you want to bring something along to a BBQ. It's a total crowd pleaser, tastes delicious, and is super easy and quick to whip up. You can use any round chili peppers you can find. I like these cherry bomb peppers, because they are on the milder side, but you can also use much spicier ones such as Fresno or jalapeños. Go with what you can find. In order to offset the heat from the chili, you want a lot of lime in the cashew cream, so just follow the recipe, and don't worry about how much lime juice I am asking you to put in there :-). A note on the chilis: even though these are not super hot, your hands will burn if you

Grab your mat, and come exercise with me

It's YouTube Friday! Last week on Instagram I asked you what you wanted from these exercises sessions together. You told me shorter session that are intense and that don't use any equipment are your thing. So here we go... Today's session has it all: some intense strengthening of your whole body, a little bit of your heart racing, advanced balancing, and a whole lot of fun in under 20 minutes! Grab a mat, and come fly over it with me. And don't worry, I will give you plenty of easier modifications to suit your level. If you enjoyed the session, please give today's video a thumbs up, and let me know in the comments below what else you would like to see. Have a great weekend! #video #exerciser

Post-swim spray for your skin and hair

Recently I shared a swimming tip on Instagram stories as the tip of the day. When we swim in chlorinated pools, the chlorine will seep into our body through our largest organ - the skin. In our food chlorine plays a big part as salt - sodium chloride - which means that we need it in small amounts for our body to function properly. But just like with everything else, if we have too much of it, it can also start to cause harm. Chlorine is absolutely necessary in public swimming pools to kill off bacteria that we bring into the water. Otherwise it would just be a huge pool of diseases. However, when a pool is very chlorinated, it can affect our health. The smell of chlorine enters our nasal pas

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