The video you've been asking for is finally here!

It's YouTube Friday and it's been a few weeks since I've posted a video! We've had endless power outages, I've taken an internet break, and life happened. But I am finally back, and today's video is one you've been requesting a lot: how to get into an inversion. Whether you want to take your yoga practice to the next level or just flip upside down to have more fun in life, this video is for you. I walk you through the three main components you need to work on in order to get into an inversion: strength in your glutes and core, stability in your shoulders, and flexibility in your back and hamstrings. All you need today is a yoga mat and a yoga block (or small pillow, book, or ball). I hope yo

Thanksgiving recipe roundup

Thanksgiving week is here! Sometimes I have to pinch myself. I am so incredibly grateful to this entire community that we have all built together. I love that every day I get asked intimate questions about your health and your wellbeing, even though you may have never met me in person. As much as the internet and social media often give me anxiety (read all about that in my last Instagram post here), there are many times when I just feel grateful that it also brings us all together from all over the globe. Thank you for being here, and letting me talk endlessly about all the topics I am so passionate about! For ideas on what to make, scroll down - I have shared all my favorite Thanksgiving r

Baby Zand's banana cream birthday cake

Yes, that little number is a 4 on the side. I can't believe Baby Zand is already 4 years old!!! Where has the time gone? I can tell you where: to endless hours of cuddles in the middle of the night, time spent in the kitchen together making energy balls (these are by far her favorite), and so many moments of "I can't do this anymore" ... and then I soldier on and continue being a mother to this wonderful bundle of joy. Every year for her birthday I make a big raw cake (check out the white chocolate berry cake, the chocolate raspberry cake, and the chocolate mousse cake with ganache). This year she asked for a banana cheesecake. Since I didn't want to call it cheesecake and disappoint people,

A couple of weeks to be present

It's that time of the year again when I go quiet for a couple of weeks to enjoy Baby Zand's birthday, family visits, travel, and a whole lot of fun. I always feel like I want to be super present for this special time, so there will be no new posts on the blog and very little action over on Instagram and Facebook. I'll be back soon with more delicious holiday inspired recipes - don't worry! Lots of love, #selflove #selfcare

25 delicious recipes to get you out of bed in the morning - the free Warming Breakfasts ebook is her

It's back! The FREE Warming Breakfasts ebook is back for another winter season to warm you from the inside every single morning. There are endless recipes of oatmeal, variations with other whole grains (the buckwheat bowl with poached pears is killer!), there are overnight oats for a quick breakfast dashing out the door in the morning, there is a raw cashew buckwheat bowl that only takes a minute to whip up, and then there is the new Breakfast smoothie for those days you don't have time in the kitchen but you also didn't soak or prepare anything the night before. So many options to fill you up with all the goodness first thing in the morning. And the best thing, the entire ebook is free! Cli

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