November 30, 2014


The Bay Area is like my second home now with my husband being from there and us traveling back and forth a lot. While we are there, we tend to do big food tours of the city to all my husband’s favorite places from his childhood and college years. You can imagine, t...

November 23, 2014


Colder temperatures and damp weather mean that the common cold goes around. Although I do my best to keep my immune system strong all winter long with my fire cider, it is inevitable that at some point, the cold hits me. The scratchy throat makes it hard to swallow, a...

November 20, 2014


Coconut oil is on everyone’s mind these days, and so it will come as no surprise to you that I am also absolutely in love with it. You will definitely see quite a few recipes here on the blog. Coconut oil reminds me of summer, lazy days at the beach, and sunshine fill...

November 15, 2014


I was contemplating for a while what to write for my first fitness post. So I chose something meaningful and close to my heart. Knee injuries are the most common problems I see in group classes and personal training. Everyone seems to have pain and discomfort, meniscu...

November 10, 2014

While I was studying herbalism, I learned all about making your own fire cider. It’s an natural remedy with pure immune boosting ingredients. Different versions of fire cider have been around for centuries all over the world. It has served to heal the body from flus, c...

November 8, 2014

I had a hard time deciding which recipe to post as my very first one on this blog. So why not something comepltely new and different? We got a slow cooker as a wedding present, and today I tried it out. I made a delicious lentil stew with a Mediterranean vibe - think r...

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