December 30, 2014

Honestly, there are many different versions of a turmeric latte out there. But to me a turmeric latte is only amazing if it is made with creamy coconut milk (preferably my own homemade one, which I just can't get enough of!). The perfect balance of bitter turmeric, swe...

December 19, 2014


Winter time is here and with the cold it gets hard to get out of bed in the morning. My worst nightmare is bare feet on icy cold bathroom tiles; it's a shock to the system and immediately wakes me up, even though it's still dark outside and the bed keeps calling me ba...

December 14, 2014


I have grown up traveling a lot with my family and moving countries since birth. I was extremely lucky, and even now looking back, I am so grateful for all the adventures I have had. I still get an itch every few months to just pack up my suitcase and go explore a new...

December 7, 2014


Christmas time is a time to give... and I love to give in a very unique way. Every year I come up with handmade gifts. There are several criteria they need to fulfill: 

1. You can't just go and buy it everywhere. No one appreciates the gift if it can be bought at the n...

December 1, 2014

Christmas is my favorite season of the year. Memories of everyone squeezing into my grandmother's kitchen to bake cookies, marinate salmon, and beat the potato dough for German dumplings come to mind. Those childhood Christmases are long gone with my family’s headquart...

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