July 31, 2015

Summer time is travel time,

so it’s only right that I list my favorite travel “gadgets”! 


I have been extremely privileged in my life to travel since I was a baby.  At that time my family still used to travel with huge metal travel crates rather than suitcases, and my...

July 29, 2015

On my recent trip to Hong Kong, I was lucky enough to stay directly opposite the little raw juicery Mana! on Wellington Street in Central. This meant plenty of healthy fuel to keep me going in the summer heat of Hong Kong. 


Mana! has two locations very close to each ot...

July 28, 2015

After a lot of back and forth, we have decided to stay in Shanghai until next year. Which means more one-on-one work is availble with me in both nutrition and personal training. Contact me if you want to work with me. And no, sadly Alive Shanghai will not be coming bac...

July 27, 2015

When looking at shelves in the cooking section of book stores, you will see the trend of raw foods taking off. More and more nutrition conscious people are jumping on the bandwagon. Why? Is it just another diet trend or does it really provide health benefits? Over the...

July 24, 2015


It is getting hotter, and hydrating properly should be your top priority at the moment. When you feel thirsty, it's already too late! Your body will be dehydrated, and starting to show all sorts of symptoms: headaches, dry and itchy skin, bloating, low energy levels,...

July 10, 2015

This creamy, dairy free, white sugar free version of a chocolate mousse can be found on pretty much every health oriented blog these days. So this is my version, that I have been swearing by for years. It’s so easy to make, so deliciously chocolatey, and totally impres...

July 8, 2015

Do you envy those morning workout people who are up at the crack of dawn to run more kilometers than you can get in all week? Check out my new article on Mind Body Green with 5 easy tips on how to become a morning workout person. 




July 8, 2015

Yes it looks hippie, it sounds hippie, but here is why I think you should give mediating a try! 


There is no debating that we are all stressed - all the time! When you ask people how they are doing, you usually hear about how busy their lives are. And this never stops....

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