August 31, 2015

Juicing versus blending seems to be the ongoing debate amongst raw foodies and general health junkies. Juiceries and smoothie places are popping up at every corner - no matter where in the world you are! Some people swear by their fresh pressed juice every morning, oth...

August 27, 2015


Fuel your body and your baby


This will be my last big talk before going on maternity leave, so come and join me for this special event. Hosted by Life Is Coming From Me, it will be a fabulous morning of snacks, green smoothies, and lots of information around breastf...

August 27, 2015

Oh, this must be one of my favorite creations yet when it comes to nut and seed butters! I had too many hemp seeds and decided to throw them in the food processor, add some raw honey, and flavor the whole thing with cinnamon and vanilla. Out came this gorgeous, silky s...

August 26, 2015




While I never encourage anyone to lead a yoyo healthy lifestyle , there do come those inevitable times when you stopped your healthy habits and routine: a holiday, a crazy busy work week, an injury or - like in my case - first trimester of pregnancy. Getting back in...

August 25, 2015

Some afternoons just call for chocolate to pick you up out of the slump. This smoothie is my go-to indulgence in this case, and I even make it for my nephew and niece when I see them - they love it!!! 

Preparation time: 3 minutes

Makes 1 serving: 

- 1 cup almond milk...

August 24, 2015

Once you start to immerse yourself in raw foods, you will quickly see that there are different tools and pieces of equipment that keep coming up. Don’t worry, if you are just starting out, you don’t need to make a huge investment to kit out your kitchen with these. The...

August 21, 2015

Bear with me for a second. You may think I am crazy, already talking about Christmas in August, but there is a good reason behind this madness! End of the year holidays mean lots of baking, and with that an unusual amount of vanilla extract buying. This can get pricey,...

August 20, 2015

Often you don’t feel like eating much more than a salad during the hot summer. But towards the end of the summer you are becoming slightly bored with your go to dressings? Then look no further. Make your next basic green side salad a whole lot more interesting with thi...

August 19, 2015

Summer holidays are coming to an end, and while we may look forward to getting back to our own home, there is always a little bit of holiday hangover lingering: sleeping in, fresh air, and the sunshine are missed as soon as we walk through the front door and the laundr...

August 18, 2015

Gazpacho is traditionally a Spanish cold tomato soup. It’s perfect in the summer time when you just can’t see another salad, but also can’t be bothered to fire up the stove. This gazpacho has a little twist to it with the watermelon. Watermelon is extremely hydrating a...

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