December 24, 2015


Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with loved ones. 



December 23, 2015

One of my favorite ways to make my morning porridge fancier is to top it with fruit compote. This can be made with any kind of seasonal fruit, and it can cook on the side while you do other food prep. The great thing is that you can prepare a huge batch and upgrade you...

December 21, 2015

This is by far my favorite Christmas recipe of all time! These raw Christmas balls are a staple amongst all the sugary German Christmas cookies we consume over the holidays in my family. Dried fruit and flavorful spices come together for these balls. You can roll them...

December 18, 2015

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas morning breakfast? Try this buckwheat porridge from the free Warming Breakfasts eBook. The spices give it holiday flavors. The buckwheat gives you lots of energy to unwrap all those Christmas presents. And the best thing is tha...

December 16, 2015


I clearly love Brussels sprouts, and this is THE way to serve them during the holidays. The maple syrup takes away the bitterness, the balsamic vinegar gives them a nice glaze, and the walnuts and garlic add extra flavor. They are the perfect holiday side dish. I love...

December 14, 2015

These little gems were my favorite holiday go-to recipe last year. I made them three times for different holiday parties, and they were a huge hit every time. They are completely raw, making them super easy to digest, leaving you feeling happy and healthy. I originally...

December 11, 2015


This is an elaborate recipe, but so worth it if you are looking for a plant-based main dish for the holidays. Everyone get’s their own stuffed mini pumpkin and you serve these with the delicious cranberry sauce. I dream about these babies, they are so filling and hear...

December 9, 2015


Yes, these santas so easy, they don't even require a recipe. But what a cute idea to get a healthier snack into you or your kids for Christmas. These santas are a Christmas staple on our holiday table. I make them with homemade cashew cream and use cacao nibs for the...

December 7, 2015


While I love the holidays and all the delicious foods that come with it, I do not enjoy how those foods make me feel: tired, sluggish, exhausted, lethargic, and just down. This is the typical food coma most of us fall into after indulging a bit too much. But where doe...

December 3, 2015


Let's continue the special holiday series of posts with potatoes - everyone’s holiday’s favorite: roasted, mashed, or fried are all great ways to enjoy these simple roots. I personally love roasting them crispy with some rosemary. Nothing smells more like holidays tha...

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