September 17, 2019

The last of the summer produce is so good, and I am I love with everything tomato right now! My absolute favorite ones are the Early Girl tomatoes, but if you can't find them, you can always use regular tomatoes or sweeter cherry tomatoes. The figs make the salad super...

September 24, 2015

This is not a recipe if you want to quickly whip up breakfast! All together, it will take a good 3 days to make this batch of granola. But trust me, it is very much worth it. Once you have tried it, make a bigger batch, so it will last longer. 

Buckwheat is the main pla...

September 17, 2015

Energy balls of any kind are my go-to snack when I am running around all day. They work well as a snack, last minute breakfast, and dessert if you are craving something sweet. In this variation, the sweetness of the figs should be enough, but if for some reason you wou...

September 13, 2015


For most people, Mondays is the day to get back on a track after a weekend of perhaps letting go of some their “rules”. I always say it is absolutely fine to be a little flexible in your approach to food, especially when it comes to going out and socializing. I want t...

September 1, 2015


You know fall is upon us when figs start to come into season. I love fresh figs! The felt like skin, the juicy inside, the little seeds that pop in your mouth. I snack on figs just as a fresh fruit, chop them into my morning oatmeal or even use them for savory salads....

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