August 31, 2017

Let me start right away with saying, this juice shot is not for the faint hearted! If you like your juice on the sweet side with a few green leaves thrown in for antioxidants, then this will be a huge jump for you. If you are keen on throwing anything in your juicer, t...

July 1, 2017

The day is finally here! The 4th edition of the free Summer Popsicles eBook has landed on the blog with six new popsicle recipes. Looking for a very grown up popsicle? Try the Spicy Mango one. Need an elegant dessert? Rosey Watermelon isn't just beautiful, but also tas...

June 26, 2017

Summer salads want to be light and refreshing, especially when paired with heavier BBQs or beer gardens :-) This salad is light, yet still filling because of the broad beans. They provide some filling substance other than just leafy greens. Feel free to improvise and u...

July 11, 2016

Every summer for the last few years I have revised this little popsicle book, and here is the new edition with three brand new, super refreshing recipes. Popsicles are easy desserts in the summer, refreshing snacks after a workout, and a mini holiday escape during a st...

September 21, 2015

After writing about the downside of juice detoxes recently, many people have asked me if they can still drink certain juices to support their body’s natural cleansing processes. Yes, absolutely! This is one of my favorite juices to clean the blood from pollutants. It’s...

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