July 9, 2019

My first potatoes are coming out of my veggie garden, and that makes me soooo happy. Even though there are never enough for a full meal, the few that I get to add to a dish like this make all the difference. To me our veggie garden is not about feeding our entire famil...

March 5, 2019

I have been down for almost a week with a pinched nerve in my back, barely able to move, let alone stand in the kitchen to cook food. So it's been smoothies and blended soups here to keep us going. And in the meantime, I am rolling on foam rollers, balls, and massaging...

January 21, 2016


Winter time is potato time for me. The starch of the potatoes is the perfect healthy carb to fuel me through the cold temperatures, and keep all my sweet cravings away. If I could, I would probably eat french fries every day. It’s a very New Zealand thing of me to do,...

December 3, 2015


Let's continue the special holiday series of posts with potatoes - everyone’s holiday’s favorite: roasted, mashed, or fried are all great ways to enjoy these simple roots. I personally love roasting them crispy with some rosemary. Nothing smells more like holidays tha...

September 16, 2015


Being from Germany, I love potatoes. When I visit my grandmother and we go to the farmer’s market, I am always in awe at the selection of different kinds of potatoes. And all of them taste so good! After having moved to Asia, I kind of gave up potatoes. Potatoes here...

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