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Doable Lifestyle Tips

Moms don't have time to sit

in silent meditation for 2 hours! 

That's why you won't find that as one of my lifestyle tips here! Changing your lifestyle is just as important as it is to change what is on your plate. You can be eating the most nutritious meal but if you are wolfing it down at a red light (yes, guilty!) your body won't have time to properly digest all those amazing nutrients. And instead you continue to feel more exhausted even though you think you are doing all the right things. That's why I share lifestyle tips with you to bring down your stress levels and make you feel alive. 

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Where to get all the lifestyle tips

healthy travel tips

Tips and tricks on the blog

Doable lifestyle tips | www.martinazand.

Daily health tips on Instagram.

If you want to find me on social media, Instagram is where I am at! Every weekday I share simple health tips and tricks in my stories with you - from taking a deep breath when you get in the car to explaining what happens to your body when you drink coffee. 

On Instagram is also where I ask all your input on what exercise videos you would like to see, what programs you want me to create, and what recipes you are craving.


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The inconvenience of better health

We all kind of know what we need to be doing more and less of to have better health and vitality. And yet, we don't do it! Why? Because we have great excuses, and, more importantly, we are not ready for the inconvenience of doing something for our health. Opting out of the microwave dinner is going to take more time. Eating more veggies may cost you a little more. What is holding you back? Come and join this free 5-day miniseries to learn about what is keeping you from better health.


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Ready to do some deeper work on your believes around your body?

Whenever a client comes to me and asks for a specific diet plan I have to sadly tell them that that is not how I operate. Before you can learn about the foods on your plate, let's dive deeper into why you think you need a diet, need to count calories, or punish yourself with a grueling workout after a lovely vacation. This workbook walks you through exercises and journaling prompts to understanding your own conditioning better. 


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Less stress during the holidays.

While this ebook is filled with yummy recipes and comes with 3 exclusive exercise videos, most of the information is truly about helping you deal better with stress - especially during the most stressful season of the year. Lots of little tips and tricks and a better understanding of your body help you to nvaigate the holiday season with grace.


Cozy Sunday Meditations | www.martinazan

Meditations for moms who have no time to sit still. 

Yes, I would love to see you meditate. Mediation makes us better at life. Meditation gives us back hours in our day. Meditation makes you the cool, calm, collected version of yourself you dream about. 

However, I also know that moms don't have any extra minute in their day to meditate and often have a monkey-mind filled with endless to-do lists. Come and check out the quick Cozy Sunday Meditations! 


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Every body is unique! 

Even though most clients book a one-on-one session with me to address their cravings, the terrible PMS they suffer from every month, or sometimes even weight loss, the truth is that there may be some nutrition changes, but most often there are lifestyle changes I suggest like giving your digestion a break fast 7PM, prioritizing sleep routines, or managing stressful conversations. If you want a unique plan tailored to your life, come work with me one-on-one.