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Saturday, March 20th, 2021


free live community yoga class | www.mar

We have moved together from the mess of our living rooms, in between feeding kids, running loads of laundry, and while trying to manage everyone in front of their screens all day long. We have carved out one hour a week to show up on our mat - even if kids and gardeners (that noise in the background of my recordings - I am so sorry!) and dogs and cats interrupted us halfway through. We have moved our body to ease the stiffness from not being able to leave our home and run free in the wild. We have connected with other humans and kept up a feeling of community even from far away.


It is time to celebrate! The one year anniversary of our Live Community Class is here and this Saturday will be a best-of class. 


Come and join the Live class this Saturday to win one of three 1-month memberships to Move with Martina, burpee around a little bit, and enjoy a yummy anniversary muffin with everyone. Save your spot here. The class is free, meant for all fitness levels, and all you need is a mat or soft-carpeted area.


See you Saturday!


Click here to save your spot and you will receive the login before the class begins. 


Every Saturday Online

While we may slowly be opening up, a lot of classes and activities we were so used to before the lockdown are still limited. If you are worried about going to the gym or an exercise class in the next few months, but you would still like the benefit of moving your body for your physical and mental wellbeing, then come and join me for a free Live Online Community Exercise Class every Saturday at 10AM.


The class is completely free to join, just show up as you are! We will move, we will chat, we will feel more like a community again. Just sign up below to receive the link before class starts.


The class is a combination of Pilates, Yoga, Barre, and Plyometrics similar to what is all over my YouTube channel and is meant for all levels of fitness. All you need is a mat and an internet connection. I can't wait to see you there! 


Click here to sign up so you can receive the login before the class begins. 


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