Fitness Advent Calendar 2020 | www.marti

It's time to move together again this holiday season. Especially after the year we have had it is crucial that we take a few minutes each day to tune in and take care of ourselves.


The Fitness Advent Calendar has become a beloved part of this community. 10 minutes of movement every day is totally doable in the midst of last-minute gift shopping, tree decorating, cookie baking, homeschooling, and doing all the things you do.


I promise you, you will feel so much better in your body and in your mind after our time together. 

Fitness Advent Calendar 2020 | www.marti
Fitness Advent Calendar 2020 | www.marti
Fitness Advent Calendar 2020 | www.marti

Every day a new video will be released plus a lot of extra bonus fun things!

Every day has a new theme to make you feel a certain way: energized, joyful, mindful, etc.


All you need is:

  • A mat or a soft-carpeted area.

  • A Facebook account to join the private Facebook Group where all the videos will be posted.

  • And your own body - in your PJs, naked, or in your favorite LuluLemons. 

The Fitness Advent Calendar is completely free to join so invite all your friends along, because the more the merrier! 

P.S.: If you are a Move with Martina member, you can find all the videos posted there, too! But if you would like the extra fun things I will be posting, then come and join the Facebook Group, too! 

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Fitness Advent Calendar 2020.

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