Fitness tips

Exercise videos

1, 2, 3, and drop!

3 fun plank variations for upper body strength

3 fun squat jump variations

3 fun Swiss ball exercises to add to your routine

3 stretches to open tight hips (tight hips 1) 

5 minute dumbbell blast

5 minute evening stretches

5 minute morning stretches in bed to start the day energized 

10 at the Barre

10 minute tune up

Advanced interval blasts 

Back pain relief during pregnancy

Ball buster

Barre & Ball 

Barre basics

Barre blasts

Barre Flow

Better than a sugar high

Burning glutes

Core power

Comforting exercises for your cycle

Dumbbell express

End of summer routine

Exercises for bad knees for #selflovejanuary

Exercises for headache and migraine relief

Exercises to release lower back pain

Fire up your core

Fitness Advent Calendar (December 2017 video series) 

Flying into the weekend 

Flying over the mat

Flow & go

Foam roller whole body strength

Foam rolling for tight hips (tight hips 2) 

Full body blasts

Full body dumbbell workout

Full body Swiss ball session

Fun Swiss ball exercises 

Get ready to hit the slopes

Get your sweat on - advanced session

Healthy joints for #selflovejanuary

High heel remedy 

How to avoid shoulder injuries for #selflovejanuary 

How to exercise with a bosu

Intense mat work

Jump It Up

Knee pain be gone

Light it up

Lower body strength with the foam roller

Marathon training

Mom strong 

More core for beginner inversions

Morning stiffness be gone

Long & strong

Pilates principles

Plyometrics foundation

Post-run stretch sequence 

Pregnancy flow

Pregnancy safe core exercises

Pressure point work for tight hips (thight hips 3)

Quick core

Reignite your core after pregnancy

Relax, release, and go to sleep

Relaxing flow for PMS and cramps

Releasing lower back pain

Relieving morning sickness

Restore in a time of stress 

Soccer drills inspired circuit training

Slide into summer

Spring into action

Stop making these mistakes when stretching

Stress relief for exhausted moms

Stretches for new mom and baby for the first 6 weeks after birth to ease pains and aches

Strong arms for Black Friday shopping

Stronger pushups

Strong feet for #selflovejanuary

Text neck remedy flow

The summer holiday routine 

The tooth brushing exercise routines - all you need is 2 minutes!

Third trimester exercises with a chair

Tips to set up your TRX

TRX essentials

TRX flow

TRX summer blast

TRX summer strong

TRX tone

Twists & turns

Upper body on fire

Winter morning flow

Yoga fundamentals

Your core is so much more than just a six pack

Healthy habits

3 hydration tips for breastfeeding mamas

3 tips to use your commute to lower stress

4 fall rituals for less stress this upcoming holiday season

5 kitchen utensils I can't live without

10 super easy kitchen swaps to make your meals more nutritious

A break from social media

A journey of letting go...

Can eating out be part of a healthy diet?

Change your attitude - change your mood - change your health!

Clean My Space - book of the month

Could meditating be right for you?

Don't waste your time sitting in traffic - 3 tips to use your commute to lower stress

Eat dirt - book of the month

Eight tips to deal with sugar cravings in the afternoon

Essential oils for seasonal allergies 

Evening rituals

Everything you need to know about salt - what kind to buy, how to cook with it, and how to lower your intake

Fermented food shopping guide

Food for thought - A little more kindness, a little less judgment

Food prep tips

Foods and supplements for arthritis 

Getting back into your healthy routine

Holistic dental care - book of the month

How can I lower my salt intake?

How do I kickstart my digestion after the holidays?

How do you prioritize what to make from scratch? 

How to get over the summer holiday hangover

How to make the perfect green smoothie - raw foods part 2 

How to use a dehydrator for delicious raw foods - raw foods part 6

Juicing vs blending - raw foods part 5

Keeping your digestion happy during the holidays

Let's talk about coffee

Making it through stressful times

Moms, get up an hour before your kids - here is why

Movement versus exercise

My favorite natural sunscreens for the whole family

My favorite tips to surviving the holiday season without expanding your waist line

My top 5 most useless kitchen utensils

My top 6 tips for transitioning to natural beauty products 

Natural remedies for seasonal allergies

Natural remedies to survive the flu season

New ideas for meditating

New Year's resolutions

Say no to extremes this year!


#selflovejanuary is back! 

Should I be supplementing with a multivitamin? 

Should I be using activated charcoal regularly?

Simple steps to foot pain relief - book of the month 

Spiralizing - raw foods part 4

Sprouting nuts and seeds - raw foods part 3

Staying healthy this summer party season

Superfoods - new age hype or real health benefits?

Surviving the Holidays - an ebook

The five love languages - book of the month

The season of detoxes

The vegetable butcher - book of the month

The year fat is making a comeback

What am I supposed to eat - book of the month? 

What is oil pulling all about?

What is a raw food diet? - raw foods part 1

What is raw chocolate? 

What is the ketogenic diet? 

When food was my demon. My food story. What is yours?

Why calorie counting doesn't work

Why you shouldn't make weight loss one of your New Year's resolutions


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