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Mindful Movement

Movement that fits your schedule, your mood,

and the season of life you are in.

Have you tried that fitness class your friend has been raving about but you hated every minute of it?


Or have you ever gone to a class you loved but you realized your body was in too much pain afterwards, you had extreme cravings for the rest of the day, or you felt so low on energy you were just dragging yourself through the hours until you could fall into bed? 

That is why not every fitness trend is actually useful to our body, and not every way of movement works for everyone. Come and learn how to move more mindfully with me according to your schedule, what you feel like doing today, and whether you have had any sleep last night. 

Mindful movement | www.martinazand.com.J



How you can move mindfully with me

Helping moms get their energy back YouTu

Free Quick Exercise Videos on YouTube

My YouTube channel is the first stop for you to come exercise with me, see how I teach, and learn more about moving mindfully in your body instead of just being on your mat to burn calories. 

With 20 years of experience teaching movement I combine a lot of different backgrounds such as Pilates, Barre, Yoga, High Intensity Interval Training, and more into my classes. 


Move With Martina _ www.martinazand.com.

Endless videos to move mindfully and connect with your body

Are you ready to move more mindfully every day with me (or whenever you have a moment to roll out your mat)? With over 300 videos to move your body for just 10 minutes or all the way up to 1 hour you can find anything you need: quick bursts of sweaty workouts, slower, calmer flows to unwind, and everything you need to be a strong and energetic mom. 


Community class | www.martinazand.com.pn

The Free Live Community Class

As soon as we went into Corona lockdown I started hosting the Live Community Class every Saturday at 10AM PST for everyone to come together as a community to move and breathe and feel a little less isolated. 

This class continues to be completely free and is meant for all fitness classes. It leaves you feeling high on what your body is capabale of doing and possibly with a few new frirnds around the world.


Live Online Classes | www.martinazand.co

Live Online Classes with Vita Oakland

Before everything moved online I used to teach at a local studio - Vita Oakland. These classes continue on Zoom so you can join from anywhere in the world now. 

My regular schedule: 

Cardio Class: Thursdays at noon PST

Fluid Barre: Sunday at 9.15AM PST


Bounce 2020 .png

Want to have some fun? Grab a mini trampoline!

Bounce was my signature program back at my old studio Alive Shanghai. The program is now online with a fun 2020 soundtrack and lots of energetic moves you can do at home. 

It's a high intensity cardio workout with very little impact on your joints because of the trampoline. Plus, you just can't help but grin like a little kid! 


Personal Training | www.martinazand.com.

Want more attention to detail?

Do you have a specific injury? Are you looking to rehabilitate your pelvic floor after birth? Or would you like to have someone check your form to make sure you are not injuring yourself longterm? 

Book a one-on-one session with me over Zoom. You get a 1-hour session + a 30 minute video for you to do anytime with your own exercises or a written program.