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I don't prescribe to one specific fitness trend or way of training. My background is in dance, but over the last 15 years I have added Pilates, Yoga, weight training, interval training, TRX, boxing, and many other ways to move your body to my repertoire. The focus of all my exercise sessions - be this personal training or group classes - is always alignment of every exercise we do. Injury prevention or rehabilitation is always at the front of every training so that you can stay strong and fit for many more years to come. 


I am currently not taking on any new clients for personal training. However, throughout 2019 I am organizing pop up classes here and there specifically tailored to give you more energy, balance, and stress relief. Check out the events page for more information coming soon. 

If you want to train with me live, I am teaching Barre classes every Tuesday evening at 6.45pm at Vita Oakland. Come and see me there! 

And if you are not in the area, come and exercise with me over on YouTube. Every Friday I release a new exercise video focusing on injury recovery, muscle imbalances or just working up a good sweat. 

My cooking classes are much more than just learning new recipes. It’s the beginning of your journey of understanding more about nutrition and nourishing yourself. The groups are kept small for an intimate and fun experience. So far, I have run cooking classes with these themes: 

  • Food for Energy 

  • Light Summer Salads

  • Raw Foods and Super Foods

  • Healthy Holiday Feast

  • Boost Your Immune System

  • Healthy Snacks

  • Cleanse & Detox

  • Energizing leafy greens

Check the event page for upcoming cooking classes. 

I have also host other workshops with these topics: 

  • Energize your life

  • Post-natal nutrition

  • Get your glow back 

  • Eat a rainbow for primary school students

If you would like to book me for a workshop for your organization, please feel free to contact me. 

There is so much contradicting information on health, nutrition, and exercise out there, it can be overwhelming. Where do you even start? During the nutrition coaching sessions I try to explain how your body works, so you can always question fad diets and exercise trends yourself without getting brain washed. 

I always start with a free Breakthrough session, where we single out the three most important areas of your health to work on. You can then decide to work with me one-on-one in a single session, a 4 week program or for a longer period of time over the course of 6 months. 

I offer all one-on-one session as optional in-person sessions or via FaceTime/Skype. 

Check out my most popular program: 

the 4 week Health Kickstarter


Contact me for more information or to start working with me.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!