My favorite home remedies for a sore throat

Home remedies for a sore throat

Colder temperatures and damp weather mean that the common cold goes around. Although I do my best to keep my immune system strong all winter long with my fire cider, it is inevitable that at some point, the cold hits me. The scratchy throat makes it hard to swallow, and is the first sign of the cold hitting me. Here are my three favorite home remedies for a sore throat. You don’t need antibiotics anymore, these work every time!

1. Ginger lemon and raw honey tea

The power combo of ginger, lemon, and raw honey is soothing for the sore throat, helps to clear the stuffy head and sinuses, and warms you from the inside. I love to drink this all winter long while I sit and work at my computer. The lemon gives you an extra Vitamin C dose and the active Manuka honey is an extreme immune booster. If you can’t find Manuka honey, try a local raw honey that has not been heated.

To make the tea, peel a thumb sized piece ginger and chop it into long strips. Pour boiling water over this and let sit for 10 minutes. Add the juice of 1 lemon and 1 tablespoon of honey. Enjoy!

2. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil from Australia has been shown to work when antibiotics are failing due to long term resistance. I absolutely love to use it for a sore throat: you can apply it both topically to your throat as well as gargle with it. If you are applying it directly to your neck, test it on the inside of your wrist first to make sure you are not allergic. When gargling with tea tree oil, fill a glass with room temperature water and add 2 drops of tea tree oil. Fill your mouth and gargle for about 30 seconds, then spit it out. Repeat this up to two more times. Leave the glass standing and come back in one hour. Keep doing this until the whole glass is empty and your throat feels better.

3. Slippery elm bark

Slippery elm is a tree and the inner bark is used as a herbal remedy. You can either get it as shredded bark or in powder form. I suggest you get the powder, which is much easier to use. Stir 1 teaspoon into a small cup of hot water and sip slowly. The mixture is extremely slimly and perhaps a little yucky at first. BUT it soothes your sore throat and makes it so much more comfortable to swallow. You can drink this mixture every hour until your throat feels better.

If you are on any other medication or are pregnant, I suggest you check with your doctor first.

To a healthy winter and a fast recovery from your next cold!

Bonus note: Find the dry herbs at your local health store, especially in the bulk food and spice section. If you are living in North America, my favorite herb supplier is Mountain Rose Herbs. iHerb ships internationally for very reasonable prices.

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