Healthy food spotting: San Francisco

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The Bay Area is like my second home now with my husband being from there and us traveling back and forth a lot. While we are there, we tend to do big food tours of the city to all my husband’s favorite places from his childhood and college years. You can imagine, this means a lot of Deli sandwiches, San Francisco’s clam chowder, Mexican burritos, Chicago style deep dish pizza, New York bagels, and other satisfying meals. While I don’t eat like this on a daily basis, when we are on holiday I go along with the flow. But after a week of eating like this my stomach and digestion are completely off, I feel lousy, low on energy, and just big and bloated. Not the greatest picture of health! So once in a while I get to either cook or choose a healthier place to feel fresh and clean.

One of the places I have been to a few times now is Herbivore. I have to start with saying, it’s not the best place ever, but it does its job. Herbivore is 100% pure vegan, and I order mostly vegetable based dishes instead of the faux meat and dairy meals. I have been to both San Francisco locations which are small cafes with a quick diner feeling to them.

For some reason I keep ordering the kale salad which comes with a lot of onions, carrots, and jalapeño… and every time I am a bit disappointed. I guess kale is one of the most popular trends at the moment, I would just expect the salad to be a bit more exciting and standing out from the norm. The textures are all a bit the same, the onion pile is slightly overpowering, and the flavor depth is monotonous. I do love the avocado dressing it comes with though, that’s probably why I keep ordering it. 😜

I have also tried the Vietnamese spring rolls, which are delightfully fresh with a creamy peanut sauce. The green papaya salad is a little different from a traditional one with added red cabbage and tofu as a twist.

I really want to love this place every time I go back. Everything lacks some flavor, but as I said above, the place does its job. I feel fresh and light when I walk out, and that is the main thing on such holidays!

Check out everything Herbivore has to offer:


983 Valencia, San Francisco

531 Divisadero, San Francisco

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