Homemade Christmas presents: Relaxing herbal tea mix

Relaxing herbal tea mix

Christmas time is a time to give... and I love to give in a very unique way. Every year I come up with handmade gifts. There are several criteria they need to fulfill:

1. You can't just go and buy it everywhere. No one appreciates the gift if it can be bought at the next door 7/11!

2. I need to be able to make the gift in big batches - there are many people I want to indulge over the holidays!

3. Give it a special touch - something that only you know how to do, a unique knowledge you have or something personalized for the receiver of the gift.

Every year I try to learn something new and further my education. This year I decided to add herbal medicine studies to my nutrition background. It was utterly fascinating to learn about herbs with super cute names. Will Schizandra berries really give me the beauty of a black eyed Arabian princess? Is Motherwort as strict and uptight as it sounds?

Every week I would add new potions to my daily healthy habits, to the point where I felt like a good witch, creating magic spells for better health at my cauldron. Since my exam I am happy to say, there are many herbs I have kept as part of my daily routine. As a very stressed and extremely busy individual, I am always looking to calm myself down. This journey has taken me from meditation dreaming of beaches far away to now lavender-rose-chamomile-oatstraw infusions that I sip on every night. My head literally hits the pillow 5 minutes later, and I am out! It’s the best sleep medicine ever, and so I want to share this creation with everyone. Because let’s face it: who couldn’t use a little bit of calm in their busy lives? Thus, this year, my gift is relaxing herbal tea mixes.

These are super easy to put together; no need to turn on a stove, oven or other electric appliances. I use the small glass jars from Ikea but feel free to look for vintage glass jars that you can recycle for this purpose.

What you need:

  • Lavender: has a soothing effect on the brain

  • Rose: combats depressive thoughts that haunt you at night

  • Chamomile: very calming to help you relax

  • Oatstraw: my favorite stress buster on the nervous system

  • glass jars

  • ribbon

  • labels, make your own or download my free printable labels here


Fill each glass jar with equal amounts of the 4 herbs, screw on the lid, and tie a ribbon around it. Make your own little labels with “Relaxing Herbal Tea” and you can even include the benefits of the different herbs if you like. Download my free printables here. How much easier can it be to give something personal this Christmas?

Happy Holidays!

Bonus note: Find the dry herbs at your local health store, especially in the bulk food and spice section. If you are living in North America, my favorite herb supplier is Mountain Rose Herbs. iHerb ships internationally for very reasonable prices.

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