Healthy food spotting: Auckland


I have died and gone to heaven: the Little Bird Unbakery is the most fabulous healthy food spot I have ever been to. I have tried many of their grawnolas over the years, but today was the first time I visited the actual cafe. A pure raw cafe with 2 locations in Auckland, it is popular amongst the locals and tourists alike. With over an hour of waiting time, it was so worth it! The menu includes raw food staples such as smoothies with superfoods, juices, nutmilks, salads, and raw noodles. Once you look closely at the menu though, you will find flavor intense dishes like the Summer Dosa with Dahl. The fresh herbed yogurt chutney is the perfect accompaniment to the spicy dosa made from rice and chickpeas. The Summer Bird Bowl and Japanese Bowl were bite sized surprises of goodness. My favorite, hands down though, was the Raw Pizza with a chunky basil and rocket pesto and creamy macadamia and cashew cheese. The juicy tomatoes burst with sweetness in my mouth and the sliced courgette gave the perfect bite to each slice.

Since I took my mom, we finished the meal with a big take away box of different sweets. The passion fruit mousse cake, a berry cheesecake, a chocolate caramel slice, as well as a raw Banoffee pie. I can’t pick a favorite, that would mean. Each one is lovingly made with raw nuts, dried and fresh fruit. They are pieces of beauty and perfection. Why anyone would ever want a normal piece of baked goods is beyond me.

What I love about eating raw meals is that no matter how much you eat (and clearly we went overboard with the ordering!), you never feel stuffed and sick - you just feel clean, energized, and comfortably satisfied.

Heaven! That is the only word that sums up the Little Bird Unbakery. I wish there was one everywhere I traveled to!

Check out the Little Bird Cafe and online shop:

Locations are at:

Ponsonby: 1 Summer Street, at the corner of Ponsonby Road

Kingsland: 385 New North Road

Auckland, New Zealand

PS: I went back the next day to the Kingsland cafe as well! The Ponsonby location has a cuter interior for a comfy breakfast or lunch. The Kingsland venue is very cool though, as you can see into the kitchen and see how all the goodies are being made.

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