Healthy food spotting: Singapore


I am visiting Singapore at the moment at the height of winter in Shanghai. It’s a weird temperature change for my body, going from minus degrees to a hot and humid summer. While I was craving warming soups and stews in the last few weeks, my body only wants light, raw foods right now. The perfect excuse to go and find myself a healthy cafe!

On the way to my nephew’s school in Bukit Timah is a small wellness center called Balanced Living. I did not check the center out further, but they seem to be running interesting courses like cooking classes, health consultations, and yoga workshops. I think that is definitely worth checking out if you have the time. I, on the other hand, made a beeline straight to the cafe. The menu looked enticing: burgers, whole grain wraps and homemade pizzas, salads, clean eating dishes, and raw foods. An entire cabinet of raw desserts was what sold the place to me, as you know of my obsession with raw desserts. 😄

Eating lunch by myself is a celebration rather than a quick gulp and dash out the door. I love sitting in a cafe by myself, reading, journaling, watching passersby, and reveling in the taste of the food I am trying. Today, I decided to try another raw food pizza. Of course it had a huge standard to live up to with my experience at the Little Bird Unbakery in Auckland. As I just got back from an hour of Barre and Yoga classes each, I ordered a fresh coconut to hydrate, and was waiting impatiently to try some of the desserts.

The raw pizza came with a pesto sauce (or you can also choose marinara), raw roasted broccoli, mushrooms, olives, a creamy macadamia cheese, topped with crunchy sprouts. The flatbread base was a little too thick and dry for my taste, but the ample pile of veggies balanced this out a bit. I would have loved to see a better balance of all the textures with some more juicy tomatoes and crunchy bell peppers. Overall, it made for a pleasant, filling lunch, that I wasn’t able to finish.

Stuffed from the flatbread base, I was too full to try the desserts. I picked up a raw raspberry brownie and a key lime truffle, had a bite of each, and took the rest home. The desserts were rawmazing! Both were very fruity with a perfect blend of bitter sweet raw chocolate.

The cafe is definitely worth a trip and I would love to try the raw tacos and burger next time. I think it’s worth going with a few people, so you can share and get to taste more goodies!

Check out the health center and cafe:


779 Bukit Timah Road, 268758 Singapore

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