Tropical green smoothie


I love green smoothies to start my day. They are usually not my only breakfast; I tend to combine this with some kind of porridge, raw breakfast breads, or pancakes on the weekend. With the green smoothie I immediately feel clean and fresh to start my day. I get a good amount for fruit and vegetables into my body in the morning, this flushes through my system, and I get much less cravings for the rest of the day. The key with smoothies of any kind, is never to go overboard on the sweet fruit. You don’t want to be drinking sugar water. The green vegetables are the vital component in a green smoothie, so my golden rule is: have more greens than all the fruit combined in your smoothie. I like to tell clients to start with spinach, this has quite a neutral taste. Once you get used to the green smoothie idea, you may want to experiment with other greens such as kale, arugula or different kinds of herbs.

I am in Singapore at the moment visiting my sister. It’s the perfect weather, sunny days, cooler nights. Instead of the warming winter food I am craving this time of the year, my body wants light, fresh dishes right now. So this morning, I made a tropical green smoothie with pineapple, papaya, and coconut oil - the perfect 3 tropical flavors! Throw in some cooling mint and ice cubes, and you have got yourself a refreshing start to the day.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

For one nice big glass:

  • 2 cups spinach

  • 20 mint leaves

  • 1 cup pineapple, peeled and cut into small chunks

  • ½ cup papaya, peeled cut into small chunks

  • 3 ice cubes

  • 1 Tbsp virgin coconut oil

  • 250 ml cold water

Blend everything for a minute or more until creamy and delicious. Serve right away or keep in fridge for up to one day.

Happy sunshine!

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