Change your attitude - change your mood - change your health!


You get up in the morning and promptly run into the corner of your own bed on the way to the bathroom. You stub your toe and curse under your breath - not a great way to start the day. You hair just won’t sit the way you would like it to, and as you are getting ready, you realize you forgot to put the dryer on last night. Now you have nothing to wear. Great, the day just keeps getting worse. Off you go to the fridge, pull out milk and granola, only to smell that the milk has gone off. You decide to leave home without breakfast this morning, jump into the car, head out the drive way, and then that bastard cuts you off. And this is just an hour after getting up. The day continues to get worse and your mood suffers. You make bad food choices, because - let’s face it - you deserve to treat yourself to that glass of wine, the candy bar, [insert other delicious unhealthy treat food] on such a bad day! You get home at night and all you can do is talk about the bad day you have had. Angry, you go to bed and have a restless sleep.

What if all of this looked different? You stub your toe on the way out of bed, but don’t think about it. The milk is off, so you decide to mash some avocado on toast instead, to then head out the door fueled and energized for your day. In the car, you turn on your favorite music so no matter what anyone does on the road, you are in your best mood. You see where this is going…

Changing your attitude towards the daily little things is what matters most to lowering your stress level, good health and abundant happiness. But where to start? You don’t just jump out of bed in the morning with a better mood. You have to cultivate this positive outlook on life, just like you train your muscles to get stronger and more toned. If you believe in the law of attraction, here is where it comes out to play!

This is where the number one thing comes in that I believe will change your health and happiness level: a gratitude journal. This requires no more than 5 minutes, but what you get out of it will change your life, I promise! Keep a little notebook and write down 5 - 10 things you are grateful for every day. I do this first thing in the morning over breakfast, but you can do this whenever you find time like during your afternoon low or once you get to bed in the evening. Write down things you are grateful for in your life, like a sunny day, a great workout, a healthy breakfast, a wonderful cozy pillow to sleep on. I do this exercise at the beginning of every nutrition session with my clients, and it’s surprising to see how hard it can be for some people to find things that are going well for them. After a few weeks, though, they can’t stop talking about the amazing things going on in their lives. It’s all about the outlook on life. And the more you see the positive around you, the more you will attract. So get started on writing down your gratitudes every day. Change your attitude, change your mood, change your health!

P.S:. Just for the fun of it, I try to come up with 5 new things every day, so I can see and feel just how truly blessed I am!

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