Hotel room exercise routine

A few weeks ago I posted a workout on my Instagram while I was traveling. I have had so many comments and questions since then, I decided to give that routine an entire post here.

Depending on how long I travel for, I may take a piece of equipment along like a skipping rope, elastic band or TRX. On short trips, I will just rely on my body weight and a park bench, a chair in the hotel room or the bed. The workout is still fun, intense, and - best of all - finished quickly!

This specific routine is super easy to follow and I have given you tips to make the entire routine harder. The routine can be done in a tiny hotel room barefoot, in your PJs or even naked - hey, who am I to judge?!

Perform each of the 9 exercises back to back, take a break, and repeat 1-2 more rounds. Done!

1. Run on the spot: 1 minute

  • Start with an easy jog here, then bring your heels up higher to the butt.

  • Run for an entire minute or alternate walking on the spot and running if you feel out of breath too quickly.


Land softly on your toes to buffer too much impact on your joints.

2. Step ups on a chair/ bed/ bench: 20x each leg

  • Place your right foot on top of the chair.

  • Now step up until you are completely standing on top of the chair, bringing your left knee up towards the chest.

  • Step back down, keeping the right foot on the chair, and step right back up.


Try to move quickly, but staying stable throughout the whole move. Make sure your right knee does not drop inwards but stays on top of your right foot the whole time.

Make it harder:

Add an arm reach up towards the ceiling when you reach the top of the step up.

3. Push ups on a chair/ bed/ bench: 20x

  • Start with your hands underneath your shoulders. Make sure your shoulders are not too far behind your hands but directly on top. Spread your fingertips and push into all 10 fingers.