Getting back into your healthy routine

While I never encourage anyone to lead a yoyo healthy lifestyle , there do come those inevitable times when you stopped your healthy habits and routine: a holiday, a crazy busy work week, an injury or - like in my case - first trimester of pregnancy. Getting back into a routine may seem extremely daunting, and often we keep pushing it from one week to the next, one month to the next, and before you know it, you will just want to wait until January 1st to fulfill a New Year’s resolution. Don’t wait any longer! Get back into it right now, because you know you will just feel so much better when you are living a healthy life!

1. Don’t wait for Monday

So often I hear people saying “starting next week” or “starting next month”, when the reality is you could start right now. Why not hit the gym after work today? Go to a sunrise yoga class? Or take a walk around the block for 5 minutes? It does not have to be a 2 hour workout to count - you just have to get started somewhere!

2. Start slowly and easy

The biggest mistake I see people make, is to schedule a juice detox, an intense 7 day Bootcamp, plus their children’s first day of school all within the same week, in order to feel like they are getting back into a routine. After Day 2 they pretty much collapse, too sore to get out of bed, and their immune system takes a dive from the sudden stress the intense exercise plus detox is causing. Another break from the healthy routine is bound to happen! So then why not start again next week? This will never create a healthy routine. Instead, try to start slowly and easy. I usually give clients the task to add one healthy habit back every week. For example:

  • 1st week: clean up diet again by cooking at least 5 dinners at home

  • 2nd week: schedule 4 workouts

  • 3rd week: start meditating for 7 days straight, etc

Again, this takes the overwhelming feeling out of starting over, and you are bound to stick to it longer term!

3. Don’t have huge expectations

Most people think that after a week they will be back to the weight they stopped at and life will be glowing and healthy again. Keep your expectations low. Depending on how long you took the break, expect to need exactly that much time to really feel like you are back in a routine. If you just got back from your one week holiday, you will likely be back in your routine next week. If you took a 1 year break to nurse your newborn, expect a little longer to find and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

4. Schedule your healthy habits

I can’t say this often enough: schedule workouts for the week, make a plan of what you will cook and when you will buy your groceries, put in you-time to relax and recharge. If you think you will just get to it when you have time, you will never do it, because there will always be another cute kitten video to check out on YouTube, another inspiration board to create on Pinterest or an emergency at work.

5. Grab a friend

Some people need outside motivation to get them going. Knowing that a friend is waiting for you at the gym will make you much more likely to go and do the workout. So grab a friend, who is also struggling to get back into a routine, and hold each other accountable. Maybe share recipes for healthy meals or even prepare healthy snacks for each other - that way you have more variety in your healthy eating every week! I usually prepare a bigger batch of any snacks I make, and then share them with friends and clients to keep them motivated.

Here is to a longterm healthy routine!

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