Join me for a coffee morning

Fuel your body and your baby

This will be my last big talk before going on maternity leave, so come and join me for this special event. Hosted by Life Is Coming From Me, it will be a fabulous morning of snacks, green smoothies, and lots of information around breastfeeding, reclaiming your body after birth, and nourishing your baby.

"As soon as you are pregnant, you are often bombarded with information regarding what not to eat: no raw fish, no runny eggs, avoid alcohol and unpasteurized milk. It is easy to become so focused on the 9 months, but then what happens afterwards? It is here when new mums can fall into post partum depression because of a lack of nutrients in their body and the overwhelming feeling of being completely responsible for this new little person. Learn tips and tricks how to recover your energy back after birth, reclaim your body, and nourish your baby with nutrient dense breast milk."

When: September 13, 10am - noon

Where: FFC

Only 15 spots available, make sure to book ASAP:

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