My top five most useless kitchen utensils

When we recently moved into a new apartment, it gave me the perfect opportunity to clear out my kitchen, and realize how many kitchen utensils I have!!! Drawers and boxes full of tiny spoons, cutters, slicers, mixers, and more. There were 3 different Thanksgiving pumpkin carving knives! This was it, I needed to drastically cut down - especially since my new kitchen would be much smaller. Plus decluttering is always great for the soul :-)

I absolutely love roaming around kitchen stores, so it was no wonder I had accumulated so much stuff over the 4 years in the same apartment. There were some utensils that just went into the category of “what was I thinking?!?”. They sound promising in the store, but of course there is no way they actually do their job. Here is my list of the top five useless things in my kitchen:

1. Egg poachers:

Ever since I have met my husband, he has been on a mission to make the perfect poached egg. Eggs Benedict on the weekends are his favorite way to start the day. He has perfected his own bread, his own hollandaise sauce, and the sautéed spinach. But the crowing glory - the eggs - have been missing! He has looked at endless YouTube videos, we have researched it in cookbooks, and we have bought several different kinds of egg poachers. He has swirled the water, left it alone, brought it to boiling, and kept it cooler, he has added vinegar, salt, and left it bland. Nothing ever satisfied him. I have now thrown all the egg poachers out, and we are still looking for the perfect way to poach eggs!

2. Handheld mixer

When I moved out of my parents' home, a handheld mixer was the ultimate kitchen gadget to have. I was gifted one for my birthday and have used it endlessly to mix, whip, and blend. It has been my trusted companion for 15 years. But sadly in today’s age, a handheld mixer is pretty much a waste of money. If you own a blender and/or food processor, you really don’t need the hand held mixer anymore. And with a Thermomix, everything else becomes obsolete anyways :-)

3. Apple slicer

I am sure you have picked one up on a trip to Ikea, right? It looks so simple, it’s so cheap, it must work wonders when I want apple slices. Firstly, ask yourself how often you actually eat apple slices. The apple slicer will not make a difference! Secondly, if you do like apple slices, why not just cut them yourself in less than a minute? The apple slicer is kind of bulky, and doesn’t even work with all sizes of apples. In my mind, it’s a pretty useless tools, especially since I can never find it in my drawers when I actually do crave some apple slices.

4. Avoado slicer

Just like the apple slicer, it’s completely useless. It doesn’t work on all sizes of avocado. If they are too big, you often leave vital avocado flesh inside the skin with the slicer. And because avocado is so creamy, it often gets stuck in the slicer grid. Then you try to push it all back out, and your slices become mush. Instead, just hold half of the avocado in your hand, use the tip of the knife to slice into it, and then scoop the slices out with a spoon. So much easier!

5. Pancake mold

Pancakes are another staple on the weekends for breakfast in our home. While I have perfected the healthy dough, sometimes I become sloppy and my pancakes aren’t perfectly round (and do they really need to be?!? How OCD could I be?!?). So I thought a pancake mold that you place in the pan and then pour the dough inside, would be the perfect investment. Wrong! The dough goes everywhere!!! It spreads out from underneath the mold, and you end up with a pancake looking like it has been in a bar fight - slashed and pieced together. Seriously not cute. I have gone back to just making round like pancakes by myself.

What are some completely useless utensils in your kitchen?

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