Food for thought...

When the WHO released their newest statements on processed and red meat causing cancer a few days ago, my social media went crazy. Every vegan blog, person or magazine I followed rejoiced with "see, we told you so!" I was literally shocked at how vicious some of these statements were towards meat eaters, especially paleo followers.

I really hate putting a label on a healthy lifestyle, no matter what you choose to eat.

Does it really matter if you are vegan, vegetarian, raw, gluten free or paleo? As I have written on my site, I do believe that wheat and meat are the two most over eaten ingredients in our diet, and we can all benefit from some alternatives. That is why most of my recipes on the blog as well as in my coaching and cooking classes focus on this. However, I don't believe that everyone can follow the exact same diet and thrive with this. People constantly ask me what and how I eat, and I am usually reluctant to answer. It's not that you can't get ideas from me, but I may not be the answer for everything going wrong in your life. What works for me, may not work for you.

As Paracelsus already said: the dose makes the poison. As an example, drinking plenty of water every day is great and probably one of the top healthy habits you can do for yourself. But did you know you can suffer from water intoxication?! Diluting your blood too much can accumulate too much water in the brain leading to death. Fair enough, this will not happen when most of us guzzle down a liter of water during a hot day. But it does give you an idea that everything that is healthy for us, can also be unhealthy, even poisonous or in the case of this new WHO classification, cancer causing.

When it comes to animal protein, it is definitely one of the gloomier topics during nutrition sessions with clients. There are side effects most people do not consider when eating animal protein at every meal. And even if meat was the perfect protein for us, there is no way that 7 billion people in this world could eat meat 3-5 times a day every day. It's just economically and environmentally not sustainable. So there do need to be more plant based choices. There need to be easy options and ideas for people who have no clue where to get started. That is what I am trying to do: to get you to live a more balanced life.

I wish people had more compassion and less judgement when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. But when you work in the wellness industry, you quickly realize that the so called "experts" themselves are the most judgmental and extreme. With the WHO statements on everyone’s mind at the moment, I hope this is a great eye opening situation for most people, who never think twice about what they eat. Rather than judging them for eating meat, perhaps we can all do our part in helping them understand more plant based choices?!

Those are just my thoughts… what are yours?

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