Chocolate shells for your popsicles

Have you tried some of the refreshing popsicle recipes from the free Summer Popsicles eBook yet? Here is another reason why you need to download it asap: this week, I will be giving away a free recipe for a chocolate sauce all week long, which turns into a scrumptious, crunchy chocolate shell on your popsicle. It's completely dairy and refined sugar free, and only takes 1 minute to make! In order to get the new recipe, head on over to Instagram or Facebook to post a photo of your delicious popsicles.

  1. Download the free Summer Popsicles eBook and make one of the recipes.

  2. Take a photo of your popsicles. It can be you enjoying the popsicle, a photo of the popsicle making process or any other creative shot showing off the popsicle.

  3. Post the photo on your Instagram or Facebook page and make sure to tag me @martinazand and #martinazand . Your Instagram profile must be public for me to be able to see your post.

  4. In the caption of the photo, tag a friend, who you think would love the popsicle and chocolate sauce recipes.

  5. Wait for the chocolate recipe to be sent to you. It's so easy!

Ready? Set? Let's go!

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