Healthy food spotting: LA

If you have ever looked into raw foods, you will have inevitably come across Cafe Gratitude in LA - a mecca for raw food followers! Think dehydrated chips, raw lasagne with cashew cheese, and to-die-for raw chocolate truffles. And don't worry, not everything is raw, but everything is plant based - and you will not miss cheese or meat at all. Everything is filling, delicious, and so beautifully composed.

As soon as you set foot into any of their branches, you feel zen like. The menu is a list of affirmations:

I am brilliant - coconut ceviche

I am dazzling - caesar salad

I am awakening - key lime pie

The food is vibrant and alive with so much flavor. You can't help but feel happy and healthy as you finish up your meal. And the waiters are super friendly, and so excited to explain the menu to you. I love to go to Cafe Gratitude when in LA, and I celebrated my birthday here earlier this year with a fabulous opera like birthday serenade from the waitress.

Yes, that is a gluten free brownie with vanilla coconut cashew ice cream called I am surrendering ;-)

Go and try it, you won't regret it!

Check out Cafe Gratitude:

Locations in California are in:

LA, San Diego, Venice, Newport Beach, and Santa Cruz

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