Coconut Easter eggs and natural food colors

This is a quick post, but I just had to share a super easy Easter "candy" idea with you. My aim is to always let Baby Zand enjoy all festivities, and the same goes for Easter. Instead of nutritionally devoid candies I wanted her to have Easter eggs that make her feel good. So I added some natural coloring to the cashew lemon balls recipe. This took around 30 minutes to make, and made her sooooo happy!

To add natural food coloring, keep in mind that when you use real food and spices to color your food, they will also add some flavor! So using the coloring sparingly is key here.

Natural food coloring:

  • Yellow - turmeric

  • Red - beet powder

  • Blue - spirulina

  • Green - turmeric and spirulina

  • Purple - beet powder and spirulina

Alternatively, if you can't be bothered to raid your spice cabinet (or maybe you don't want to purchase these ingredients), then look below the recipe post. I have put links to my favorite natural food colors right there for you to purchase.

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Makes: 30 Easter eggs (6 in each color)

  • 1 ½ cups raw cashew nuts

  • 1 cup desiccated coconut

  • ¼ cup raw honey (or other liquid sweetener of your choice)

  • zest of 2 lemons

  • 2 Tbsp lemon juice

  • 2 Tbsp pure vanilla extract

  • knife tips of turmeric, beet powder, and spirulina for coloring

  • 1 cup extra desiccated coconut for rolling (depending on the brand, I have found that the desiccated coconut can sometimes be really big and grainy. In that case pulse it once or twice in the food processor. This will make rolling the dough later so much easier!)

  1. First, process the cashew nuts in the food processor until ground into a flour. This can take anywhere from 10 - 30 seconds depending on how strong your food processor is.

  2. Add the coconut, honey, lemon zest, juice, and vanilla extract and process until a sticky dough has formed.

  3. Now take 10 bowls and prepare the colors. Add a knife tip of each of the ingredients to the bowl to make the color combinations on top. So for example for purple add a knife tip of beet powder and a knife tip of spirulina to a bowl. Then add ½ - 1 tsp of water to this and mix until you have a colorful liquid. Make 2 bowls for each color.

  4. Separate the dough into five equal portions, and place it into 5 of the colored bowls.

  5. Also separate the extra desiccated coconut into 5 equal portions, and add to the remaining 5 bowls.

  6. Now mix each bowl well until the colors are completely combined with the dough and the coconut. I have to be honest, I used the food processor for this step, but that means you need to rinse and use it 10 times! So I am actually not sure if that is any less labor than mixing it all by hand :-)

  7. One teaspoon at a time, roll the dough in your hands into an egg. Then roll the egg into the corresponding color of coconut and place to the side (or go crazy and mix and match colors, completely up to you!).

Happy Easter!

Bonus note: If you want to make a bigger amount of this recipe, say 30 eggs of each color, then go ahead and add the coloring to the dough making process. Makes life so much easier!


ColorKitchen Yellow Food Color

ColorKitchen Red Food Color

ColorKitchen Blue Food Color

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