Healthy food spotting: San Diego

On a recent trip to San Diego I had organic plant based fast food at its finest! At Native Foods Cafe you feel like you are going in for a burger and fries, and you walk out with a nourishing Moroccan quinoa bowl, sweet potato fries, lemongrass broccoli, and an amazing portobello burger. I got off the plane, and was so famished, I would have literally eaten the wooden table at this place. But to my surprise this was one of the most delicious meals I have ever had on the road, and that is saying a lot with all my travel!

Crunchy salads, juicy burgers, creative appetizers (hello spicy fried cauliflower with Korean spicy sauce), and nourishing earth bowls will make you fall in love with this menu, too. There are raw desserts on the menu - yes seriously, all refined sugar and gluten free! For the meat lovers out there, who have a hard time falling in love with quinoa, there are better meat alternatives. Tempeh and Seitan are featured prominently on the menu, as is their own "Native Chicken" made from soy, wheat, and pea protein and turned into "chicken wings", "Twister chicken wrap" and "chicken, bacon, and avo club". While I am not a huge fan of fake meats, they can sometimes be a good transition food from meat lover to plant based eater.

You order like you would in an fast food restaurant, sit down, and enjoy your meal. The ambiance is fast food joint meets earthy tones. It's not the most cozy place where you want to cuddle up with a cup of tea and read a good book. But you can be sure that you will come out with a happy belly and a happy heart! You must try this place when you're close to any of its nationwide locations next time.

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